Chapter 6

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lmfao this chapter sounds stupid but oh well, here's yall update.

There's a knock on tiffany door. "Come in" Matt opens the door holding the liquor and snacks in his hand. "Wanna finish movie night?" He smiles. "Sure, come in" tiffany smiles as he walks in setting the stuff down on her bed. "Be right back" he walks out and a few minutes later comes back up with a blanket.

Tiffany grabs her remote and switches to a movie channel as Matt lays down next to her covering him self up. A few minutes later he grabs around her neck pulling her closer as she turns her head looking him up and down. She focuses back on the TV as he starts to run his fingers through her hair.

"Did you notice this is basically like a date?" Matt laughs as he looks at tiffany.

"Uh, sort of" she keeps her attention on the TV.

"Hope we get to go on a real date" he smiles as he runs his fingers down her arm sending chills down her body.

"Oh uh, I thought we were just friends" she blushes as she looks down.

"We are, I just wanted to see your face" he laughs as tiffany rolls her eyes.

"You're a jerk" she pushes him in his shoulder as he turns her head with his hand.

"Nah but foreal, you're nice to look at" he runs his finger over her bottom lip as she looks him into the eyes and then down at his lips.

"Fuck, just kiss me already" she thinks to herself.

"Thanks" she breaks away as she reaches for some cookies and starts to eat them. For the rest of the movie they cuddle and when it's over Matt stands and stretches as tiffany watches him while biting her lip but he doesn't catch her staring.

"Be right back" Matt walks out as she hears the bathroom door close and she sighs.

"Ugh this is so hard" she stands and walks over to her dresser leaning on it as she covers her face. She leans her elbows on the dresser as she continues covering her face. Suddenly she feels soft hands around her waist and his dick as she accidentally rubs her ass against it causing it to harden. She turns around to face him as he grabs around her waist again pulling her closer as he licks his lips.

"That shit turned me on" she thinks to herself as she bites her lip.

"Fuck, you don't know what you do to me" he grabs the back of her head as he starts to lean in when his phone rings.

"Shit" he laughs as he let's tiffany go and pulls his phone out of his pocket and answers it. "Anthony, wassup?" He answers as he walks out of the room and tiffany walks over to her bed and sits. He comes back in 3 minutes later with an annoyed look.

"Are you gonna be good here alone? Anthony wants me to come with him to this party" he asks while putting on a shirt. "I'm gonna be fine" she grabs the remote and starts switching through channels as she lays back down.

"Great, I'll make it up to you, I promise" he walks over to her kissing her on the forehead then leaves.

It sucks how many times we almost kissed and we never got to do it. Next time it will happen though, whether I have to make the first move or he does.

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