Chapter 4

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I am not good at this LMFAO anyways update

later around 1:32am.

Tiffany walks downstairs into the kitchen grabbing her a glass of water then walks to the backyard and sits with her feet in the water. 5 minutes later she hears the backdoor as she turns and sees Matt walking out.

"Can't sleep?" Tiffany asks as she drinks some water then sits it down. "Nope" he walks over and sits next to her.

"It's so beautiful and peaceful out here" she runs her hands through the water as she looks into the black sky full of millions of stars.

"You're beautiful" he looks at her as she turns her head and smiles. "I'm pretty sure you say that to a lot of girls" Tiffany laughs and rolls her eyes.

"No, not really" he laughs.

"With you looking that good -" Tiffany stops herself. "You think I look good?" He smirks then laughs.

"What I meant to say was you probably be having a lot of girls all over you" she replies nervously. "Yeah, but only certain girls catches my eye" he replies. Tiffany smiles at him then looks back up to the sky.

"Right now is so awkward" she thinks to herself when Matt rests his hand on top of tiffany hand.

"Oh fuck" she thinks as her heart starts to race.

Tiffany purposely knocks her glass into the water so she can break away. "Shit" she stands as she ties her hair up then hops into the pool and grabs the glass then hops back out.

"Might wanna change your clothes now" Matt looks her up and down with a laugh as she looks down and notices she had a white t-shirt on with no bra on so her tits were showing.

"Fuck" she covers her tits with her arm as she walks inside and up to her room and changes her clothes.

She walks back downstairs joining Matt back outside as she sits. Her and Matt talks for a while about random stuff.

"If you don't mind me asking, where's your parents?" Tiffany asks. "Both of them passed away, it was a car accident" he answers. "I'm so sorry matt" she hugs him. "It's okay, I don't like to think or speak about it, but I'll tell you" he stands. "Well, I think I'm gonna go upstairs and try to get some sleep, night" he kisses her on the side of her head then walks off inside.

Tiffany stays outside for 30 more minutes then stands walking inside up to her room as she lays down and goes to sleep.

(Sorry this chapter was so short)

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