Chapter Two: A broken routine.

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Chapter Two: A broken routine.

Monday evening.

GEORGE smiled as he walked through the café's door. The scent of fresh baked goods hitting him as he walked further into the café.

Lydia walked further into the small café. She was always reserving the booth and George always ordering their drinks.

Though once Lydia sat down a girl sat down on her lap, wrapping her arms around Lydia's neck.

What the heck? Lydia looked at the grinning girl like she'd grown two heads. Why is she sitting on me?

As if reading her mind the girl explained her situation," my ex-boyfriend is trying to get me back and I'm not giving into him. So, wanna make out till he leaves? I'm Freya by the way."

Freya was smiling as if this was a normal occurrence but in Lydia's mind, this was creepy. Really creepy.

Lydia didn't even have time to respond as Freya was pulled off her and she was pulled into someone's arms. George's arms.

Thank God, Lydia silently praised before smiling at her boyfriend who was coffee-less.

George was confused, to say the least. What was Marlon's girl doing on Lydia's lap and leaning in to kiss her? He was sure Lydia didn't swing that way and if she did, wouldn't she have told him?

Shaking his head, George tightened his hold on Lydia. I'm not letting her go, George told himself.

The couple in front of them seemed to be in a heated discussion which came to an end as George cleared his throat.

Marlon glanced down at the red-haired girl beside him, waiting for her to talk. Though when she did it wasn't what he thought she would say. It was an invitation.

Lydia bit her lip trying to suppress a grin, "sure, we'll be there." To say Lydia was excited was an understatement. College started a few weeks ago and yet her and George had only been to one party.

Another wouldn't hurt anyone, would it?


Thoughts on Freya so far? I love you all so much! Your support is amazing! The sequel will begin soon, so stay tuned :)


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