Chapter 3

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The next morning around 10:30am.

Tiffany wakes up to a knock on her door as Anthony steps in.

"Hey, I'm going out to get some breakfast for us and matt went somewhere so you're gonna be good here alone?" He asks.

"Yeah, I'm not a little kid nomore" she replies as she sits up in bed and holds her head.

"In my eyes you're still a kid" he laughs and walks out.

I got the house alone for idk how long so now I can do whatever I want.

Tiffany jumps up grabbing her some white lace underwear and some black boy shorts and a black t shirt then walks to the bathroom and turns on the shower and hops in.

25 minutes later she hops out and throws on her bra and panties then grabs her shorts and shirt and walks to her room leaving the door open. She throws her shorts and shirt onto her bed then walks over to her mirror looking her body over.

"Nice ass" she turns to see Matt standing there with a smirk on his face.

"Oh my god!" She grabs her clothes and hurries and gets dressed.

"Anthony wanted me to come tell you to come eat" he folds his arms and leans against the door. "

"Okay" she brushes through her hair as he stands there looking her up and down.

"See something you like?" She rolls her eyes and continues brushing her hair as he walks further in.

"Yes, you" he winks at her as she laughs.

"Shutup" she walks over to her bed to grab her phone as he runs over and grabs it before her.

"Give me!" She tries to grab it from him but he runs out and she runs after him.

He runs downstairs into the living room and jumps on the couch putting the phone in his pocket.

"Come on, give me it!" She runs and tries to dig in his pocket.

"Better stop before you touch something you don't wanna touch" he laughs as he picks up his sandwich and takes a bite.

"Ew, Anthony tell him to give me my phone back" Tiffany whines and sits down next to Anthony.

"Eat your food first then you'll get it back" Anthony replies as he hands her a bacon, egg & cheese on a roll.

"Ugh" she opens her food and starts to eat it as she watches matt.

Damn, he looks so good, I get to spend 2 months with his sexy ass.

Tiffany watches him while eating her food when he looks up at her so she looks away and he laughs.

"Crap, he saw me staring!" She thinks as she nervously plays with her hair.

25 minutes later they all finish eating and throws away their garbage.

Now hand it over" Tiffany walks up to Matt and holds her hand out.

"You gotta catch me first" he runs past her and upstairs as she runs after him.

"Stop!" She yells as he runs into his room and she follows.

"Fine, you want it back?" He takes it out of his pocket.

"Yes" she tries to grab it as he puts it behind his back.

"Kiss me, then I'll give it back" he laughs then smirks.

"You gotta be kidding" she moves back with a laugh.

"No I'm not, so what's it gonna be?" He waves the phone in front of her face as she tries to grab it and he puts it back behind his back.

"Come here" she grabs his face and acts like she's gonna kiss him then grabs around his neck and drops him on the floor as he grabs her arm and she falls on top of him.

Only a few inches from each other's face Matt smiles as Tiffany clears her throat and stands helping him up.

"Here" he hands her back her phone as she walks out and to her room closing and locking the door behind her.

"Oh my god, we almost kissed..." Tiffany whispers to herself as she sits on her bed "we almost kissed"

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