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Louist91, liampayne, zayn and 927,928 others liked this post

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@harrystyles: can people please stop calling this handsome man a rat. Hes beautiful! Wonderful! Handsome! And as he would say hes banging! So please please stop sending him hate just because hes dating me. And even before you know you hated him. If you dont like @louist91 you dont like me. We're a package deal. If you are true fans you'll love both of us he does NOT look like a rat. He CAN sing and DOES make one direction sound better without him we will all be depressed. And he is ACTUALLY dating me it is NOT a pr stunt and will NOT only last for 1 month. So stop. I love him you should too. If you hate against Lou just fuck off. In the nicest possible way just please dont send him these comments on Twitter that you are sending him or on any social media, I love him so much and to see him this hurt is so painful, I mean look at him in this picture just owning the floor with his sexy figure and his lovely fluffy hair in MY top, STOP, x❤h

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