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♪ Her prince finally came to save her                                          And the rest she can figure out ♪{Paramore—Brick By Boring Brick}

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♪ Her prince finally came to save her
                                          And the rest she can figure out ♪
{Paramore—Brick By Boring Brick}

Daylight faded. The forest turned dark, and each sound startled Marguerite as she clutched her cloak. Whether the noises were critters or wolves, she wasn't sure; but she didn't wish to find out.

Antoine paced, his features hidden under his hat, his eyes low, fixating the ground.

Something linked them—Clémentine, Cornelius, Adelaide. They plotted terrible things and conducted terrible actions that would ruin Totresia, separate nobles, and introduce unwanted Giromians to court.

Another crunching sound echoed near her. She panicked, but soon realized it was only her horse.

Were any of the three culprits looking for them? Did Adelaide tell Clémentine and Cordelia Marguerite searched for the King?

Were they all searching for her now?

"Antoine," she said, interrupting the King's paces. He looked up and grunted as if he had forgotten she was there. "We... are not safe here... together. Adelaide... may be on to us. I... was looking for you and I bumped into her and asked her to deliver a message to you—"

"—you did what?"

Marguerite took a stride back, surprised by his growling tone, and gulped. "I was desperate to find you! I... was not thinking!"

Antoine's light eyes burned with an angry fire. He released a deep sigh and marched over to her; and she recoiled, afraid he would snatch her by the shoulders and shake her.

But instead, he walked past her, headed to his mare. "Clearly." He heaved himself up onto the mammal, and as he adjusted on the saddle, he turned to her, nostrils flaring. "Do you need help onto your horse?"

Marguerite shook her head.

"I will enter through the gardens. I suggest you deposit your horse and enter through the castle doors," he said, pulling the reins as the animal beneath him swiveled around obediently.

Without another word, they galloped away, fading into the darkness behind the trees.

Marguerite stood alone in the obscure clearance. All was silent and still; she was sure she heard her own heartbeat.

Hurrying over to her horse she climbed up, happy no one was around to witness her struggle. Fixing her hood to cover her once more, she inhaled the crisp evening air as she directed the tamed beast to the opposite side of the clearing.

She forced it into a gallop as she left the open space. They passed through a wetter, more humid section of the woods, full of echoing noises and unknown animal cries, but Marguerite didn't care. She raced on, rushing towards the exit she knew was only a few dozen feet ahead of her.

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