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Author's Note --------->> More mature content in this chapter. Feel free to skip if you prefer.

He laid on the bed, cock twitching, eyes blazed with want and desire. She slowly walked over to him, shaking her hips in such a sensual manner that I almost forgot which team I was playing on. As she walked she slowly started to undress.

Each article of clothing fell on the floor behind her with each seductive step that she took. This woman knew how to slow down and speed up a situation. She oozed sexuality, and I felt my body responding favorably to her energy. 

She let her hair fall out of the loose bun and it gently whisked in her face. You've seen those slow-motion movies right? That's what it was like, her hair moving in slow motion as it kissed the skin of her ivory cheek. She shook her head, letting her hair cascade down her shoulders. Her sun-kissed blond hair fell to her sides. 

She wore a devilish smile. It was no surprise that she was often referred to as "The Devil".

He noticed how close she was to him yet he hadn't bothered to put on the condom. I coughed to grab his attention, he scanned me quickly with his eyes, and I motion towards the condom. He understood my message and moved quickly to remedy his mistake.

"Good boy, but wait," she said slyly as she slowly stepped onto the bed. The guy tried to act cool with the condom between his fingers. I imagine this is the most excitement he has ever had in his life.

"I want to play with you first," she said in a sultry voice. 

His eyes grew a shade darker and his hands stopped moving, the condom fell to his chest. I heaved in a sigh from the breath I had been holding. Moisture pooled between my legs.

"Sally," I whispered.

"Shhh, Cathy, just watch beautiful," her words flowed over me like a warm shower and my mind faded as I emersed myself in her motions. 

Sally had a way of driving men to the brink of sanity and they always craved more. She often only let them get a taste but there were some who got to experience her more than once. Those fortunate few were loyal like puppies. 

Her right knee touched the bed as she got on it like a cat hunting its prey. Her left knee followed slowly behind her.

Carefully, she inched her way closer towards him. Her perky breasts bounced with each step. Her pink nipples hard with promise. Her hands grabbed ahold of his ankles as she brought herself further on the bed. She allowed her hands to ride up his legs slowly. His breath caught in his throat. 

Desire darkens his eyes even further and he no longer cares that I am in the room. All he sees is her.

I take a seat in the chair next to the bed. He didn't t even glance in my direction. She had him mesmerized. I sat there in awe as her hands continued up his legs. Slowly, carefully gliding up his thigh. His breathing had become labored and his cock continued to twitch as precum began to drip from it. Up against his thighs, her hands move until she is at the top of his inner thigh just close enough to his balls to cause him to harden even more.

With her right hand, she grabbed his balls and rolled them through her fingers, kneading them like dough. A moan escaped his lips. The warm pool continued to form between my legs as I watched her work her magic. 

"You like that?" she said cooley. 

"Yes," he growled. His hands still remaining at his sides but twitching with desire to take her.

"Not you, Mickey." she scolded and turned her beautiful gaze towards me. My mouth dropped open. I stammered.

"Well..." my voice trailed off.

What could I tell her? Should I have told her that watching her play with his balls was hot as hell? Should I have told her that I wish I was only half as confident as she was? My mind couldn't formulate a reply fast enough for her. 

"Watch this," she said breaking me from my thoughts.

With her words, she leaned down and took all of him inside of her mouth. My eyes opened wide because he wasn't a small guy. She deep throated him entirely and without any effort. It was incredible.

Her eyes never left mine as she began to go up and down sucking him off while still kneading his balls. His toes curled and his face contorted as a deep groan left his throat. 

"I'm cumming," he said. 

She continued to assault me with her eyes as she sucked faster and harder, merciless with her tongue as it continued to slide up and down his shaft. Her hand continuing to work his balls.

His hands moved towards her sun-kissed hair and he grabbed a handful of it. He pulled lightly as he released himself into her mouth. She kept him inside of her as she continued to suck until he was bone dry. When she was confident that she had gotten it all she lifted her mouth off of his cock and smacked her lips together.

"Damn, lover boy, that was a lot," she said smiling. 

He looked over at her and smiled in return. "That tongue ring is amazing. You are amazing. I don't think I've ever come that hard and fast before." His honesty was refreshing. His eyes were still glazed over with desire.

"You're not done yet are you?" she said with a raised eyebrow. 

"I have big plans for you." She looked at me as she said those words and I heard the promise in them. For the first time in what seemed like forever, he noticed me again.

"Is this going to lead to where I think it's going to lead?" he looked over at me and smiled. 

"Ummmm...hun that's mighty tempting but this one here is not for you. Only me. If you perform well tonight I have someone else that I might let you try but not her. If you ask again, you can kiss that opportunity goodbye. I won't repeat myself. You understand?" her statement was more of a threat and we both felt it. No nodded his understanding.

She had in an instant staked her claim. I didn't know how to feel about that.

Mickey would not get to touch me. He would not even be able to look at me with desire in his eyes. Not if he wanted that threesome she was promising him. Even though he didn't know who he was going to bed, it didn't stop him from complying completely to her demand. 

"Got it" was all he said and once again I was invisible.

You might think that this bothered me but there was something about the way that she navigated the room that made me feel perfectly fine with her words. There was something about her control that ignited something within me. There was a power she possessed that I wanted.

She was going to show me things that I had never known. She was going to teach me things that I never thought I'd get to learn. She would prepare me for the next chapter in my life and for that I would always be thankful. I break free from my own thoughts to see her sliding a condom onto him.


Author's Note: OK, so I thought this scene would be done by now but I have more of this story to share. I'll hope you'll join me in the next chapter.

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