Chapter 2

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*That's how I imagine how Aaron would look , I think it's exactly what I pictured*

    Well this is a better time than ever to tell you what's going on, I'm not just a simple magic user , I am Thea Agnetha the daughter of Hades the God of death and the underworld , the place I was born and remained until a week ago , the life in the underworld is not a life someone should live , I've spent my young years with my mother who had been cast there to protect me until I had the age to protect myself , her passing was hard for me not only had I lost my mother but now I was alone in a frighting place , I couldn't come up to earth in fear that I would be killed by the humans if  they found out I had Hades blood flowing in my veins , with the reputation of my siblings the humans created a hatred towards  the children of Hades and death of many of them were by humans hands , so the Hades born would be rarely seen with the humans. I took a risk leaving hell , but I managed to leave as the daughter of the underworld it wasnt as hard to escape it , like I said before I did research on the son of Zeus , I thought maybe if I found him he could help me, or I dont actually know why I was in search of him. Maybe I just wanted to be with someone of my kind , not be alone , being distracted my own thoughts my sword was lifted off my hands and being caught by Aaron's 

"why are you defending this mutt" he asked looking at me confused, hell hounds are not very accepted by humans or demigods cause they bring evil which are Hades born 

"he's mine" I said in a small voice taking a step back when Harper took a step forward

"So that means" Noah started looking at me head to toe , or more my face which was in full sight after it fell down when I ran to protect my hound , my rusty red hair came to my shoulders was on full shown,  my steel blue eyes stared back at Aaron's ocean blue ones

"She's the daughter of Hades" Harper completed which a gasp " I thought Hades children didn't leave the underworld" she looked at me confused Aaron still hasn't said a word which was scaring me

"They don't " I answered her a bit to quickly , clearing my throat I opened my mouth to continue "but as they only child of Hades , being alone in hell isn't something someone would like "I said as I tried not to sound weak , they looked at Aaron to see what they would do but he was still staring at me , his sword was still pointed at me as he looked into my eyes , I wiggled under his heavy gaze not knowing what to do

" Ravens protect one another" he finally spoke with a husky voice with a small smile  lowering his sword as I let out a breath that I didn't even know I was holding , I looked at Harper and Noah they held a smile at me as well. I didn't know if they were faking it or not I was just glad they didn't kill me

"I still don't like the dog" Noah said glaring at the dog

"His name is Malik , he doesn't mean harm " I told him " he only attacks under my command " I added as he nodded intrigued

" I think she's more worried about us killing it than it killing us" Harper joked to lighten the mood which made Noah chuckle

"Is it the same hound" Aaron asked looking at Malik who was at the same stop Noah and he corner it

" Yes , you didn't actually kill him , I summoned him back every time you came close , these types of hell hounds are special if you create a good bound which it , he can feel your pain it , and you can feel it's " I told them as they looked at me amused at what I said

"That's cool" Noah said smirking " okay you just became more awesome just by being a Hades child" he added making me smile a bit

" Come on , we still have to get that reward " Aaron said walking as Harper followed

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