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Author's Note---->> There will be some sexual stuff in this scene. Feel free to skip it should you prefer. Thanks for reading.


Sally, light green eyes, tiny frame, stood at 5'5" with small perky breasts and medium length blond hair. She was a very sexually open woman and I had never met anyone like her before. She was a Russian linguist so she had her own followers that were a different breed from mine, but when we were together...we were equals. 

She kept a tongue ring, nipple piercings, and an eyebrow piercing that she could only wear out at night. She also had another piercing, most notably the one for her clit. 

Sally was an enigma to me because it hadn't been that long since I left the church but I was nowhere near as free as she was sexually speaking. I still had years of conditioning that told me that this kind of love was wrong. 

"Cathy, come dance with me," she'd say in her sultry voice. Watching her dance amazed me. The way her body would grind against a guy or girl. The way their hands would run down her sides and go down to cup her ass. When her neck arched back and she nibbled on some random guys ear, I knew that she was giving him the sign that it was ok to proceed.

"Cathy, come join us," she'd say. I couldn't resist her charms.

The guy would take this signal and run his hands up her sides to just under her breasts. He waited for her signal to proceed. I watched and waited to see if she would give it. She did by pulling her face towards his and kissed him deeply. 

She grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me closer to her as she kissed him. My eyes follow his hands which were caressing her breasts. I'd seen this enough to know by now that she had chosen her prey and he was coming home with us. 

She pulled away from the kiss, her eyes heated. She gazed over at me "Cathy, you ready?" I was ready alright. Tonight, she had promised me to show me something and I wanted to learn what she had to teach me. 

The guy looked confused, his erection throbbing against his jeans. He thought he was about to lose his lay and he couldn't even put two sentences together. 

"But...I...thought" he started to say and she cut him off by placing two fingers on his lips. 

"Be quiet and come with me" that was all she had to say and he stopped talking. 

Damn. 'If only I had that kind I power' I thought to myself. 

Sally walked over to me and grabbed my hand. I took her hand in return and she walked me out of the club. 

"Where did you park?" she turned and asked the guy. 

He looked confused but pointed towards the right. She looked towards where he had pointed looked back at him. 

"Well...what the fuck. Lead the way." 

His mouth dropped open as he tried to wrap his head around what was happening. He looked at me and a flare of lust crossed his eyes. I held his glare trying to figure out what was going through his mind.

"Get the fuck outta here with that shit," she said. 

He looked at her shocked. I was shocked too and I saw his cock twitching an awareness started to form in my mind. 

"What?" he asked. 

"If you want to fuck, stop fucking looking at my fucking girl and move the fuck on. I don't have all fucking day and bring some fucking condoms," she spoke loudly and dismissively. 

He simply stopped talking and picked up the pace to his car. He unlocked the door and she guided me in before she sat down next to me in the backseat. He looked surprised but jumped in the driver's seat. 

"Where to?" he asked. 

"The DoubleTree," she said and he started the car and drove off.

"Plenty of condoms?" I asked her with my eyebrow raised. 

"Cathy, I am fucking horny. You think one condom is going to do the trick?" she held her hand over her heart. 

I just laughed. I loved this girl. I loved her freedom. I loved the way she dominated a room. Our strategies were different but we wielded similar results. When we arrived she got out first and took my hand. Her eyes flashed a wanting and it made me feel special. 

She loved me too. I felt it when she looked at me. Not in a sexual way, though I have no doubt if that was what I wanted she would have happily given it to me. She loved me for who I was with no strings attached. I had nothing to offer her that she couldn't get on her own. That is why we were equals and that is why this experience was so exciting to me. 

The guy gets out of the car and walks around to where we were standing. His hands were in his pockets and I found myself surprised to see that he still has an erection. He was avoiding looking at me and I chuckled a little. Smart guy. 

She noticed as well "Good boy" I tried to stifle the laugh but it came out anyway. 

He gazed me with a quick cursory glance but for the most part, he pretended that I didn't exist. We walked towards her hotel room. We got one of these every weekend. The others would be in the other room so tonight it was just for Sally and me. 

Once we entered the room, Sally kicked the door closed with her foot and pressed the guy into the wall. He was taken aback. I don't think he was used to someone being so aggressive. If I am being honest, no matter how many times I had seen her take someone home it always surprised me. 

Tonight would be different though. Tonight she was going to show me everything. She kissed him deeply and ran her hands down his large chest. He groaned in her mouth. His eyes were closed. Her hands went down to his pelvic bone just by the rim of his jeans and she took her left hand and dipped her fingers in between the fabric of his jeans. 

From my angle, I could see her grasping his rock hard cock and stroking it from under the fabric. His eyes open and all I can see are his deep blue swimming with lust. 

"You want me right?" she asked in a seductive voice.

"Yes," he hissed.

He grabbed the sides of her arms in an attempt to take control but she gripped his cock harder and shook her head no. He stopped moving and she continued to run her hand up and down his shaft as she used her right hand to undo the buttons. 

I stood there in silent awe at the way she was dominating this male before me. 

"What's your name honey?" she said to him with a smile on her face that held promises. 

"Mickey" he stammered. "and you're Sally right?" he continued. 

She looked at him as though she were trying to decide if she should tell him her name. 

"Don't worry about that Mickey. Just be a good boy and lose these clothes. Get on the bed, put a condom on and wait for me." His eyes went wide but he didn't say another word and he quickly got undressed and made his way to the bed with a condom in his hand. 

Once he got to the bed he glanced over in our direction and his eyes met mine. He was holding the condom in his hand and his cock was standing tall at attention, trembling a little as it waited to get a taste of what Sally had to offer. He noticed me looking at him and a glimmer of hope entered his eyes. 

She looked at me "It looks good right?" she asked me. 

"Yeah, he seems ready for you chica what are you going to do?" I responded with a smile on my face. 

I knew Sally wasn't threatened by me because she knew as well as I did that I would never take some random to my bed and I would NEVER try to take from her. It was understood and so there was a comfort between us. She had nothing to worry about. The guy laying on the bed, now that was a different story. 

He was in for an experience. He just didn't know it yet.


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