44. He didn't come

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Hey everyone,  I'm back with another chapter. I hope that you'll enjoy reading it.

Susan's P.O.V.

Ever regret the day thinking why the bloody hell you left the home today? I'm regretting today while sitting in front of an officer who definitely hates my guts or probably killing me inside his head since I refused to speak a word.

Why would I when I did nothing wrong, it was my husband who filed the case, it was he who messed my peaceful life. If I have never visited that hotel with Lisa he won't have seen me, he would have refused to marry me, he would not make me feel things I afraid the most, mostly a feeling of losing someone.

Adrian would be moved on and not spare me a thought, everything would be perfect. At some point it was perfect I was so happy at the night of the ball. I guess it's right that blissful moments go away fast.

I want to go back in time when I was living in heaven with Xavier. Pity at the thought when, now I'm thinking he won't get me out of here because he might think I plot all this to save Adrian. After all, I didn't know him enough after seeing his behaviour last week.

I came out of my thoughts when another officer looking like he ran marathon came inside. He said something to the officer who is interrogating me for the past half an hour and the look he gave me after that said it all. Someone came to get  me out because defeat was clear on the officer's face.

It's rather foolish of me to think that he won't come to get me out of this mess. Of course he came, he after all had some ounce of love for me or maybe he did that because I'm his wife.

"Looks like you do play your cards well Mrs Williams but do remember the contract is already being abolished none of its term can't protect you now since you breaches it first." The look he gave me while saying those words proves how strong Ryan has grown.

"I might play my cards well again, then, " with that I stood up, I know I'm in deep shit, but I'll deal with it alone this time. 

As soon as went outside Mason ran towards me. It hurts a bit that he didn't came why was I even expecting him? It hurts you right in your heart when you expect something for someone and they fail you. 

"Susan I'm sorry I came as soon as I could let's just get out of here. " I just nodded and went out with him.

"Xavier didn't take his charges back." This was not question this is a statement. He is obsessed with revenge.

"I did try, he will withdraw the case he has to do it now, " I stopped listening to him after that to hell with him. I won't let it go now. If he is not stepping down I'll make him to do. Doesn't matter whatever it takes now I'm desperate and scared.

"Susan he is waiting for you at home. Here your bag Sebastian gave this to me. " I took my bag from him.

I saw a driver taking us to familiar route of the building where I live. I won't live with that bastard unless he clear this mess.

"Stop the car. " I shouted Mason look at me as if I had grown two heads. The car stopped at the side of the busy road.

"What is meaning of this Susan you should go home. " The hell I'm going there.  

"Don't follow me." I warned him after that I took the pedestrian to go away where ever road will take me. It won't be long before Oliver will come looking for me. Even if Xavier doesn't care, Oliver is damn loyal to me.

After walking around for a few minutes I took a taxi to Lisa's apartment, she might need my help  after all her wedding is on the way. I gave the driver the address of her apartment building After I reached the apartment building I gave security my name and details and went to the elevator.

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