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Gangster Love (Part One)

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(Gangster love)

Clumzy- I am a hood boy...roadman, whatever you wanna call it. I grew up on a dirty estate with my brother and my Co- Dee Flawless and no one was going to change me...street life is all I know....


It was a warm Friday evening, couple of the mandem from round the block was playing footie in the park, while noise from a few younger's could be heard somewhere in the distance. A few hoes were out and about wearing batty riders like anyone wanted to see their cellulite...and me I was sat on my doorstep enjoying the summer breeze.

Just then my bestie Flawless buss the corner on his push bike with his Co Dee Clumzy. Flawless and Clumzy were the two best looking guys around the ends.

Flawless at the height of 5'11 was a smooth dark caramel complexion with the nicest lips you've ever seen, he had long hair that went past his shoulders that he sometimes wore all back in a ponytail like today for instance. He had a few slits in each eyebrow and grey eyes that seemed as if they could look into your soul. If you ever looked into Flawless's eyes for too long you'd sometimes feel yourself getting lost in them.

I smiled as he pulled up a spot next to me on my doorstep and gave me a big hug and small peck on the cheek.

Clumzy- You kl??  

He said looking sooooo goood.

Clumzy was around the same height as Flawless he also had long hair that went just a little past his shoulders, it use to be longer but he cut it. He had green eyes and a smooth Dark caramel complexion. When he smiled he reviled his dimples in both cheeks. His smile was beautifully even though it wasn't often that you caught Clumzy smiling, Clumzy had lots of girls chasing him, Just like'd think he'd be happy but instead every time I looked at him all I saw was a deep sadness in his sparkling green eyes.

Me and Clumzy didn't really speak a lot, I use to love him off back in the day so I'd always sort of brushed him off, I was to shy to speak to him but he was always about with Flawless and I've known Flawless forever. So whether or not I wanted him to be around he was.

It didn't bother me to much that he was always around, its just that whenever he would speak to me my throat would tighten and I wouldn't know what to say. That was NOT a usual feeling for me because I was neither shy or ever short of words.

That's the effect Clumzy had on me, but these days even thought I still liked him I felt more comfortable around him and its become easier to talk to him. You still wouldn't catch us bussing a long conversation, but at least I could have one with him now unlike before.

Flawless- Look at you doe!!  

He said grinning  

Me- What you on about now u fish?  

Flawless- Ahhhh low dem talk der after man was fully gunner give you a complement.  

I laughed  


He smiled.  

Flawless- I was going to say that you looked hot today still, in your leggings and them shorts. Got your belly button all out and ting hair all wavy your lips are looking all kissable and shit...........yhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  

I laughed.  

Me- Your so stupid  

He laughed.  

Flawless- Nah but big man ting you do look sexy as always.

I looked over at Clumzy who seemed to be in his own world I looked at his sparkling green eyes and saw that deep sadness that I always see and I just wanted to hold him. I shook those thoughts out my head and carried on my convo with Flawless.

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