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okay so nobody even reads this anymore and nobody is reading my new book and id kinda like to just delete my account

how does the first chapter have nearly 100 votes but the new ones only get around 10. 

every chapter is still getting around 200 votes so 95% of you people aren't voting or doing anything. you just click on and then click off

i probably sound bad or whatever but i hate that i've put literally almost a full year into this book and people read the first three chapters but never read it all the way through. 

im obviously going to finish this book but its so annoying that im struggling to get even 10 votes or 5 comments. 

"but but the stats dont matter!1!1!!!!!1111!"

i dont want to spend hours on something to have nobody read it. its not worth it. yes i write because i enjoy it but i also want people to read my stories. it's no fun if nobody reads or cares about it.

so yea im gonna finish this book even though nobody will read the ending. i'm going to finish the mileven book even though its failing miserably

and then im probably not going to make any new books. its just hurts to spend so much time on something and then nobody cares about it. 

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