Mama's Day Out

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I wrote this in different parts at different times, so I hope it doesn't seem to choppy. I tried to make it flow all together, but I don't know if I succeeded? Also, sorry for so many Daddy Harry one-shots. I've just been wanting to write like that for a bit. Enjoy!

Gemma- Mi-Mi
Louis, Zayn, Niall- 3 (triplets)

"Mama, Mama, Mama!" Elizabeth heard her three little boys squeal in distress as she attempted to get her shoes on as quickly as possible. Though, it proved to be difficult with her kids tugging on her shirt and begging to be picked up.
"Mama, up!" Zayn squealed, putting his arms up to he held, tears in his eyes. He knew that his mama was leaving and he wasn't going with her, and that upset him greatly.

"Baby, I have to go now. You're gonna have so much fun with Daddy and Mi-Mi and your brothers," she soothed. Zayn started to cry, and that of course set the other two off. Elizabeth sighed; goodbyes were always so hard with her three boys. "Harry!" she called as she slung her purse over her shoulder.

The said man came jogging in from the kitchen from where he was making some bottle for the boys to help calm them down once Elizabeth left. He sighed when he saw the three crying toddlers swarming around his wife.
"Why are you all crying? We're gonna have so much fun today, you won't even think about Mama!" He tried to cheer them up, hoisting Louis on his hip and taking the other two's little hands with his free hand.
"Mama, you stay too, please!" Niall cried. Elizabeth smiled warily as she walked over. She gave Louis a kiss on the cheek, then Zayn and Niall too. Lastly, she gave a Harry a kiss on the lips.
"Have fun, my loves! I'll be back later," she bid goodbye, and then she left to join her friends for a fun day.

The poor triplets continued to cry for their mama, their faces a snotty mess. Harry sighed; this was going to be a long day. Luckily, Gemma was coming over for lunch today, and would stay over until around dinner. It wasn't often that Harry was left alone with the triplets, seeing as one parent taking care of three kids could be both stressful and a recipe for disaster and a messy house, so it was nice to have some help to keep the boys entertained. The goal was for them not to end up wanting to pull each other's hair out.

At one point, Zayn ran over to the couch and buried his face in one of the cushions to muffle his sobs. Harry placed the other two on it as well as he quickly ran to the kitchen and got the warm milk.
"Look what I have, babes!" he cooed, shaking the bottles enticingly. Niall reached for his first, and that quieted him up immediately, followed by Louis and then Zayn who drank his on Harry's lap. "Why are you three so upset? Is Daddy no fun?" He asked, and couldn't help but chuckle when Niall nodded his head.
Harry made a shocked face and leaned in towards the boy. "Is that what you think, mister?!" He growled, and Niall took the bottle out to giggle and shake his head. "Oh, good. I was worried there for a second," he exhaled, ruffling Niall's hair.

Zayn was said to the be the 'oldest' triplet, followed by Niall and then Louis, even though they were only about three minutes apart from each other. He was the shy, clingy little black haired boy with hazel eyes. He loved to cuddle and draw and he always wanted Harry and Elizabeth to join. Though, the parents were worried about his separation anxiety. They all were clingy, but Zayn was the worst with it. He would be devastated if one of them left for the grocery store, especially Elizabeth. When they talked to a doctor about it, he said it was normal at this age. He said if it didn't seem to get better in the next couple of years (when he would start school) though, they should come see him again.

Niall was the goofball of the house. He was always the one to make funny faces or make up some sort of funny story, and everyone would laugh. He could be loud at times, but he was the blonde haired, blue-eyed triplet that made anyone melt. When he was a baby, he fell behind a little as far as crawling and walking, but he caught up to them and is now going the same pace as the others right now.

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