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Dating him would include:

Benjamin Pavard
travelling together
many boat rides
• him being romantic
• short sweet kisses

Jesse Lingard
playing football together
• him playing with your hair
• going on adventures
• teasing kisses

Lionel Messi
going on loads of dates together
many trips to the beach
• loads of designer store bags
• kisses behind your ear

Marc Bartra
cooking together
endless smiles
• bonding sessions with his family
passionate kisses

Robert Lewandowski
showering together
• intertwined hands
• trips to Poland
• kisses on the neck

Paul Pogba
hosting parties together
• lots of laughing and jokes
matching outfits
kisses on the cheek

Paulo Dybala
cuddling time together
tickle sessions
doing a lot of touristy things
kisses on your forehead

Philippe Coutinho
morning jogs together
• discovering new coffee shops
• trying out new things
• kisses on your nose

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