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Dedicated to Incorrigible_dreams

The doctor stepped back into consultation room closely followed by Khushi and a nurse. He saw Arnav tapping his feet impatiently and cleared his throat to grab Arnav's attention.

"Oh, Doctor—" Arnav turned to see the doctor walk across the table.

"Nothing to be so anxious about, ASR. Khushi is absolutely fine." He said looking at Khushi who settled beside Arnav comfortably.

"But the blood?" Arnav asked worriedly.

"It's just a minor cut on the head. You can also name it as a harsh scratch which made her bleed. But, now the blood has clotted over her head and even the X-ray is all clear. There's nothing to worry about. As for the pain, it will subside as the skin starts reforming." The doctor explained smiling at the husband's worry.

"But, doctor, she had fallen unconscious. I mean, she wasn't even breathing for a while. What about that?" Arnav asked hurriedly waiting for an answer.

"She had fallen from a cliff, an unexpected fall. She was in a shock which made her lose her consciousness. And—"

"What about not breathing?" Arnav asked exasperated. Khushi held Arnav's palm in hers and squeezed it lightly trying to calm him.

"I'm coming to that, ASR." The doctor said not losing his calm.

"A shock or a trauma can sometimes create conditions where a person's heart is beating but the breathing momentarily stops. It's called apnea. Normally, people, if don't observe, term it as coma but it is not. It is just a monentary stoppage of breathing after which the person again starts breathing. I assume that was the case with Khushi as well." He explained.

"My wife is absolutely fine, right?" Arnav asked again for a reassurance while Khushi looked at Arnav baffled.

"Arnav-ji, I am fine. Absolutely." Khushi whispered furiously to Arnav and forced a smile to the doctor and the nurse.

"Uh, doctor, can you please check him too? He has more bruises that I do. And he is also diabetic. Please?" Khushi pleaded worried for Arnav's health.

"Sure!" The doctor smiled accepting Khushi's request and turned towards Arnav before continuing, "Please come to the examination room, ASR."

Arnav relented without having much of a choice. He knew it would be futile arguing with his Khushi when it was the only condition she had put forth before visiting this doctor's clinic at almost its closing time.

"Anjali Betiya?" Anjali looked up from her mobile towards the door. Manorama stood at the threshold looking sadly at Anjali.

"Mami!" Anjali's voice rasped as she straightened herself and gestured Manorama to enter in.

Mami sat opposite Anjali and held her palms between hers. Her gaze moved towards the screen of Anjali's  mobile. The screen held a photo of Shyam and Anjali from their wedding four years back. Anjali's right thumb still stayed on the screen over Shyam's photo. 

"Bitiya!" Mami breathed out. She cupped Anjali's left cheek with her right palm and continued, "I understand it must be hurtful to know of Dama- Shyam's treachery but that doesn't mean you ignore your health." 

Anjali's eyes turned wide as she looked at Mami refer to Shyam by his name rather than the ever loving 'Damad-ji'. She, now, understood the gravity of the situation. The truth was sinking into her system as she looked at Mami continuing to speak.

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