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One day

His words kept repeating in her mind, over the past one week. True to his word he had not sought her the past week giving her the test and space he had promised. However she was not feeling much grateful for the said space then as it turned out that being alone with her thoughts and memories was as detrimental for her mental health as the company of a particular Shravan Malhothra was for her heart.

As she sat stirring her cup of tea, her thoughts kept repeating in her mind like a broken recorded interrupted far and sparse by bleak memories she would rather not recall at the moment. All of them pointing in the same direction, a path she would rather not travel.

I will always support you, no matter what. I'll always have your back. I'll stand with you, I'll be there when you need a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on.

Promises whispered in her mind; promises from a love that had turned it's back on her, a man who had left her hand to hold another; promises that gave her nothing but heartache and broken dreams, shattered hopes.

One day you won't stop me. One day you would listen to what I have to say. I understand that you are sacred and need some space. And I'm willing to give you that space but I'm not giving up on this. I'm not giving up one you.

His face flashed in her mind as he had leaned her forehead against hers, his warm and kind eyes; his smile gentle and comforting.

Lies. False promises. Her mind hissed. They don't mean a word. Just a string of words which mean the world to you but they wouldn't think twice before breaking them. They are all the same. Deceitful. Insincere. Unscrupulous.

Bitterness engulfed her as her mind forced her to relive everything after her broken engagement, her own heartache, her family's tears, the society's fake condolences and apathetic taunts.

Love is a sham. A falsehood. A two timing bastard that would back stab you at the first given opportunity.

His smile flashed in her mind and she felt the bitterness recede and warmth replace it. No matter what her mind insisted her heart didn't agree.

He is different. Her heart claimed.

She saw his twinkling eyed, filled with warmth and sincerity, his word dripping with honesty and assurance.

How can all that be false? Her heart challenged.

Years ago she had been young and naive, blinded by the rush of first love. She couldn't differentiate between truth and deceit then. But times had changed now. She had changed. She was older, matured, wiser and better equipped to handle the predicaments of her heart now.

Or was she?

She tugged at her hair frustrated at the back and forth dance her mind was playing. She felt like a puppet, one whose one string was in the hands of her brain and the other with her heart and both were content with tugging her back and forth, round and round.

Shravan Malhotra was the only man that made her doubt herself. She didn't know if she should embrace her with all her heart or run so far easy where even his shadow won't be able to touch her.

She felt an indescribable pull to him, a pull her fear and heartbreak kept her from acting upon.

She sighed defeated toying with a lock of her hair. She knew she would have to make a decision soon. She knew it was only a matter of time before Shravan's one day arrived. And she would have to give him an answer then. She couldn't continue to let their lives be struck there.

Life is a gamble, my love. Her father's voice spoke in her head. She smiled at the age old memory. It's all about choices and a little bit of luck. One day you will handle the ropes of not only this business but your life too. Then you would be the one to make decisions, not me. Your mother and I will always be there to guide you, but the decision must be yours, beta. You just have to be brave to face the consequences of your decisions. He had told her ruffling her hair.

"I wish you were here, Papa. I miss you and I need you." She whispered , alone tear sliding down her cheek.

As far as the love department was concerned, her luck hadn't been much of a help. She would rather not leave things to fate this time. It was time to take matters into her own hands.

The only question that remained was did she have the courage to take the plunge?


Suman walked into a bunch of red tulips on her desk the next morning. She smiled inhaling their fragrance and setting them in a vase before picking up the note with them.

Good morning

Tulips are used to signify perfect love and red has been the color of love for as long as I can remember. I know we aren't perfect, I don't know if we ever will be. But perfect or not, you are all I need.

Just a small reminder. My absence doesn't mean I have given up. Sumo, I will prove it to you that your fears are baseless and your worries are meaningless this time around. Because I'm never leaving you alone. Ever.


Despite herself her lips twitched into a small smile on their own accord.


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