Chapter 11

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After all the big fight I had in school I was pissed no angry actually beyond that so I just got in my bby (her bike) and left to a gym that I saw earlier since I needed to let some steam out.

When I entered I saw this guy in the desk he was cute I gotta admit it he looked around his 20's I think and I spoke to him to see if I needed to get a membership or something.

Bold=Cute owner

Hello how can you young lady

Well I was wondering if I needed to get a membership to use the gym or is it public to everyone and if I do need a membership how much does it cost with the high quality

Woah calm down to answer you yes you do need a membership to use the gym and the highest cost for the best quality is $45 dollars.

Ohhhh that is not to much so I am going to pay for the highest quality that costs $45 dollars and when do I have renewal it

Great! And you renewal it every year since you are paying for the best quality and stuff

That's nice and here's the money ( hands him the money )

( Grabs the money )
Anything else you need help with......

Ohhhh sorry my name is Amy and yours is.....

My name is Mandy

Well it was nice meeting you Mandy so can I get my card so that I can get in

Yeah just wait

Okay here you go Amy and I hope you enjoy being here
( gives a smile 😊 )

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