5 ~ Video Game Addict

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It was finally the weekend.  Today I planned in going out to lunch with Mina and Haru. That is until I got a call from my brother Riku stating he was coming for a visit.

Just great.....

As much as I love my brother he is what you would call a bum.  He lives in a crappy apartment,  still a virgin,  works at a video game shop,  didn't go to college.  Why you ask?  Oh it's quite simple.  He couldn't afford it,  because he's a bum. 

He tells the rest of the fam 'I'll make the money someday I swear!!'. He won't since he's too busy blowing it all on new video game counsels and games. 

I love him but he needs to get a life.  The has never had a girlfriend or a friend for that matter.  Okay, maybe like two friends.


I heard the door bell (are there even door bells on apartments??? Just go with it)  I walked over to the door and opened it to see my older brother standing there in all his nerdy glory.

"Hey big bro!  How's those video games? " I asked sarcastically.

"Can you not insult my couch potato life style? " He gave a nervous laugh.

"Nope sorry. " I laughed while holding open  the door for him too step inside.

"Hey Haru!!  Riku is here!! " I yelled to my roomie.

"Hey Riku. " Haru gave a small wave while making a bee line to the couch.

"How's it going Haruna?  Long time no see. " Riku smiled to the small girl.

"It's ok,  I guess.  How's the gaming going? " Haru smirked.

"I give up. " Riku let out a sigh and I just laughed.

"It's okay big bro,  you know we love 'ya."  I put an arm around my older brother who had a very disappointed look on his face. 

"Yeah,  yeah,  I just wish you would stop making fun  of my love for video games." He let out another sigh.

"Can't do that. Not until you get a life that is. " I smirked.

"I'm older so,  why am I the one getting bullied? " Riku whined.

"This all leads back to the fact that you have no life big bro." I snickered.

"Hey like you guys should be talking though.  You two are nothing but broke college students." Riku replied.

"Our futures are brighter than yours at least. " Haru added.

"Damn, Riku get reckt." I snorted.

"I hate everyone. " Riku whined once again.

"Me to bro but that's life. Oh wait... You wouldn't know 'cause you don't got one. " I smiled at NY brother who shook his head in defeat.

"I hate you guys. " He sighed.

"Doubtful. Anyways what do want to eat for lunch I'm hungry? " I asked.

"I'm fine with whatever." Haru said and she scrolled through Netflix.

"How about some takeout? " Riku asked.

"Alright where do u want takeout from 'ya guys? " I asked.

"How about that sushi shop? " Riku suggested.

"Okie dokie." I said and dialed the number and placed our orders.


It was a sleepless night for me.  My brother had gone to sleep on the couch and Haru was passed out in her room.

I however was wide awake.

I decided that I'd text that Pikachu guy.

ur girl[F/N]

Yo bro you awake??

I was scrolling around on Insta for about 10 minutes before he answered my snap.


Omg is this for real????  Could it be that she has actually texted me first!!!!

Is this a dream??!!!

ur girl[F/N]

.... This was a mistake bye👋


No dont go it was a just a joookkkeee!!


I do as I plz bro :P


Y must u hurt me like this ;-;


Idk anyways how was ur day


It was pretty good ig hbu


Meh ny annoying bum of a brother is visiting me for a few days.


Y r u so depressed about ur brother visiting? 😂


Cuz he is what u would call a loser.


How so 😂😂


There are many ways to show how he is a loser u want to hear all of them??


Sure 😂


Ok so....
He literally spends all his money on gaming shit,  has never had a girlfriend let alone smash some hoe,  lives off of junk food,  has zero friends unless u count his internet ones,  never leaves home unless for work which might I add is at a video game shop,  says he's gonna get his life together but fails because hes a game addict.


.... U rlly dislike ur brother huh?


I don't dislike him is bs just pisses me off


Most ppl would call that a mood


Tru tho 😂


Well I'm starting to get sleepy night Pikachu


Night beautiful 😘



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