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The world of The Purple Door District started out as the stubborn brainchild of AE Kellar and myself. We have spent years writing together, researching, brainstorming, and developing characters and rules governing our parahumans and worlds. Our main series, Fates and Furies, is still in production but occurs in the same urban fantasy setting.

When we started to design the District, I latched onto it and suddenly had ideas blossoming in my head about creating one in Chicago. Plus, as a birdmom of seven feathered kids, it gave me the chance to professionally write about a werebird, even if I still get the side eye. With AE's blessing, I wrote The Purple Door District to introduce you to our world and insanity.

We jokingly say that AE is the brain and I'm the heart, but I think it's very true. While AE fills our books with well-researched facts and logic, I add feeling, creativity, and literary flair. I couldn't have done it without my walking encyclopedia. All you see here exists because of our love for storytelling and our incessant need to get fewer than 8 hours of sleep a night.

Keep an eye out. Fates and Furies is on the horizon.

About AE Kellar

AE Kellar works as a professional wingman by day, while by night pretends to write by hiding behind a laptop and listening to a well-crafted, shuffled playlist. With a penchant for dark humor and plenty of snark, AE writes urban fantasy with a smattering of sci-fi and Paranormal thrown in for spice.

Serving as the creative consultant on Erin Casey's The Purple Door District, AE is also co-creator and co-author of Fates and Furies, an as-yet unpublished fantastical urban fantasy series upon which The Purple Door District is based.

In addition to the world of Fates and Furies, AE has written a sci-fi short story called Remember Nevada, with hopes to publish before Mars is colonized.

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