We managed to assist Trix and Cass to the end of the floor. It was as I had suspected. A trap was waiting for us before the exit. Our smooth run was a game of mouse, maze and cheese to these people. Well, they had better not complain about losing to their own rules.

A cloud of icy air descended, weighing us down to our knees. Freezing hands wrapped our throats. I recognised the hollow-eyes of ghosts. Damn, if only we had salt.

The colonel woman approached us with an unimpressed snarl on her red painted lips.

"Tsk, bothersome. I was dragged out here from my sleep just to outwit you. Hurry up and revert to null, so I can go back to sleep," she complained.

I was annoyed and surprised by her self-centered callousness. How the heck did she end up a colonel?

"Suffer...prin...cess. St...ill b-be... ugly." My voice fell short; too cold to speak further.

"What?!" She kicked me.

"Mai... t-tasu..." Damn. Why did the spell have to be a long tongue twister?

"Maitasunean eta grazian itzuli zure tokira,"  Leinard managed to say with one big breath. How did he know?

Our throats were released with thankful sighs. The air resumed a room temperature.

"You wanna sleep so badly, I'll cater," I said to the flabbergasted woman. "I'll make sure you get your precious sleep."

I stood before her with a steady stance and my hands, defiantly, on my hips. "Let me say this, woman-to-woman, we're gonna bust this joint. You're gonna punch the ground with frustration at being helpless to stop our escape."

"Ganmo, tell me you have a plan!" Leinard whispered near my ear.

"Nada. I'm a bringer of luck, right? Have some faith." I reassured him with a cheesy wink copied from Trix's signature style.

He didn't look convinced.

"Ha! I'm liking this Charlese. I'm in." Trix was energised and in full health for a fight. He flashed a signature grin at the colonel woman, baring his perfectly white teeth.

"Hey Bryan, why don't we get a friendly with each other." He suggestively taunted the woman. "You know you wanna."

 She responded with a snarl.   

I hung back to cover for Cass who was in no position to fight his way through anyone.  

"Don't worry Cass, I'll be your shield." I reassured him.

"You're definitely not Charlese. She's like this woman, only thinking of herself.  I don't think she'd resort to necromantic spells either. They're not glamorous," Cass commented.

"Sorry?" I stared at him, perplexed.

"No, I mean, thank you!  Whoever you are, please stay in this woman's body!" Cass flashed me a friendly smile. 

"It wouldn't be right for a lady to do all the work. I may look weak, but my magic is strong." Cass's smile became a wicked grin as he raised his glowing hands. 

His eyes gleamed with an iridescent green.  "Thanks for unlocking the binds, I can use magic again."

The fighting commenced.

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