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A/N: Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday! I just finished watching the Chinese drama, One Smile is Very Alluring  and I'm sad that it's over. The male and female leads are just so adorable together T_T

Do you guys have any drama or telenovela suggestions? ^^ 

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Crown Prince Fang Liwei

     "Thank you, Guanyu. We will walk from here," my Father replied. He looked around, tight-lipped and with a blatant look of disdain on his face.

The palanquin was slowly lowered to the dusty ground, its curtains were pulled back to the sides that we could easily step out. I let out a deep breath and stretched my back out, feeling tense from sitting still for a few hours. Normally we would fly but we didn't want to scare the humans or rouse the demons lurking in the dark forests. I found the notion a little ridiculous because there wasn't a yaoguai in Wuzhen that would dare to attack its ruler and heir.

In a way, I felt like it was my Father's method of giving in to societal pressures by trying to act human when we are not. We must act a certain way, we couldn't act on our fears or desires. However, that was hypocritical in itself since coming to Shangzihua could be seen as an act upon our desire. The desire to rescue someone that could be the last Celestial dragon in centuries.

I couldn't help but notice that the unbearable itching that lurked in an unreachable place on my skin had disappeared, but the lack of liveliness still bothered me. I could hear shouts in the distance as farmers exchanged words with one another. I did a quick look around, seeing nothing but crop fields for miles. Just how far had we gone into Shangzihua? "Father, where are—"

Several humans that had come from the field interrupted me when they took notice of our arrival. I stiffened at the sight of the oncoming females and donned a stoic expression. I could tell by the brightness in their eyes that their interest was not genuine. Just like the females at the ball were not genuine. Their lustful hearts are filled to the brim with materialistic desires. Disgusting.

When one of the women touched my arm, I fought to cage the dragon that was raging inside me. Only our mate has the right to touch us, he growled furiously in my mind. We don't have a mate, get ahold of yourself, I ordered him. I clenched my jaw, as I fought to hold back the shift. I could feel my dragon's scales rest just below the skin, threatening to appear.

Guanyu pushed the woman back roughly and said in a low voice that the humans couldn't hear, "Taizi, you must hold him back. You can't shift here, our peace with the humans depends on it."

I grunted in agreement as I forced my dragon into the darkest corners of my mind. She's waiting for us, he whispered before I silenced him completely. "Thank you, Guanyu."

He gave a small nod as he continued to push back the growing crowd with the other guards.

As I watched the humans try to crawl through our wall of protection, my disgust for them only grew. In our current situation, I could only see them for what they really are; devious and manipulative and willing to do whatever it takes to get back to the top of the food chain. I could see why my Father continued to outright refuse my suggestions to allow them to live in the mainlands. In their current state, they would only bring about discord and unhappiness.

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