Chapter 1

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Lily Nawassa

This is unedited for the most part. It's on my to do list...which happens to be rather long.


Lily changed out of her work clothes into more comfortable clothing, a t-shirt, and jeans. She ran her hands through her dark hair, just glad to feel it down and loose again after a long day at work. Grabbing her keys, Lily left her apartment and drove to her adoptive parents' house. They invited her to dinner tonight, and for once, school and work didn't stop her from accepting.

As she pulled into the long driveway, a feeling of home washed over her. Lily smiled as the large, two-story ranch style house came into view. Andrew, her father, ran quite the profitable Architect company. Lily got out of the car and waved to her brother, Tony, once she parked the car and got out. Her brother was most likely the biggest heartthrob in town. He had the suave movie-star good looks, a muscular build, and an easy smile.

"How goes the life of busting crime?" He teased while that easy smile made an appearance.

"Oh you know, a lot of work and long hours," Lily said as she walked up the steps. "We've been getting a lot of other lab's overflow. It's mostly drugs that need to be to verified that they are, in fact, illegal substances."

"You sound so CSI when you talk like that," he replied with a sly smirk.

"I know. It's the glamor of a forensic chemist - pure awesomeness," she teased back. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a quick hug.

"Hey Lily," Elizabeth greeted her. She's Tony's wife or as the werewolves call it- mate. Lily broke the hug and took a step back. Elizabeth took the chance to wrap her arm around Tony's in a clear sign of possession. Her instincts couldn't accept that Lily and Tony were siblings, although they didn't share blood.

Lily gave Elizabeth a warm smile in hopes to disarm the territorial instincts of her sister in law. She couldn't help but feel flattered that the woman saw her as a threat to her claim to Tony. Elisabeth was everything a woman wished she could be. She had thick, dark hair, bright blue eyes, curves in all the right places, a face that would rival any runway model, and lips were made for kissing.

"Long time to see. How are you doing?" Elizabeth asked with an only slightly forced smile.

At least she's trying, Lily thought and returned the smile. "I am doing good, thanks, Liz. I see you're beautiful as always," Lily said, doing her best to disarm with flattery. "Well, I'm going inside. See you two kids later." She gave them a two-fingered salute and went inside. The sight of Andrew, her adoptive father, being kicked out of the kitchen greeted her. No doubt he was sticking his fingers into dinner and got caught by Sandy, his mate.

"Where have you been, young woman?" He said as soon as he saw Lily. "We've missed you!" He leaned down and gave her a fatherly kiss on her forehead. Tony looked a lot like his father with a few subtle differences. Both were blonde, and blue eyed, but Andrew's blonde hair was lighter, now streaked with gray. Also, his good looks went more towards the rugged instead of suave.

A smile spread across her face as she felt at home. Who could ask for a better family, she thought as she hugged him. Her adoptive family tried their best to make her feel like one of them, but she stuck out like a sore thumb. First, Lily was half Native American, though she didn't know which tribe. The Roberts were all blonde with blue eyes. Second and most obvious, the Roberts were actual werewolves. Andrew was their leader or the alpha as they called it.

Werewolves weren't like the legends and the Hollywood monsters one saw on TV. They were only a little bigger than the average wolf and Lily found her family to be like normal people. So they shifted into wolves at that delicate moment of the month but who was she to judge. Lily had a delicate moment of the month too, and hers lasted more than one night. She'd even go so far as to say she was worse pmsing than any werewolf under the full moon.

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