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The hero's were excited to have someone new joining them. The group consisted of seven members; Evan fong , Tyler wine, Craig Thompson, Brian hanby, brock Barrus, marcel Cunningham and Scott Youker.

The person joining was someone that Evan had brought in, someone he was infatuated with from the moment their eyes met. Now he was meeting everyone, blue eyes shining with excitement. Evan was already staring, the dimples that made themselves known with his big smile, the freckles dotting his pale face, the large black stud in his left ear And the small scar running through his left eyebrow and besides his eye.

Tyler, having noticed the way his leader was staring at the male, nudged him in the stomach. When Evan turned his attention to the other male he wiggles his eyebrows. Evans face turned a dark shade of red and he punched Tyler's shoulder before moving back near the blue hoodied male.

Jonathan had been stuck in a rut for the past few weeks, no for the past few months, and when Evan had stood besides him as he waited for his coffee the two struck up a conversation which, almost a year later, led them to this very moment.

"What can you do?" Brian sneers slightly and Jonathan smiles. He holds his hands up to show all of the guys wallets and phones in his hands.

"How did-"

"The slight of hand has a lot to with it." He answers, handing back their stuff.

"And? So your just some weird illusionist?" Marcel asks next. It seemed mean but the team was only trying to figure out if jon would benefit them or if he'll just drag them down.

"Wow your really makin' me do this?" He questions and marcel cocks his eyebrow. Jon shares a glance with Evan before backing up, stepping into his shadow. He disappears completely and the others all react, exclaiming with surprise. Evan smirks and steps aside, where jon should have been it was empty

"Where'd he go!?" Scotty exclaims. Someone clears their throat and they all turn around, finding jon leaning against the wall behind them. He was picking at his nails.

"I'm able to travel through shadows to wherever I want, as long as it's in suitable range." He explains, getting off the wall and moving back over to Evan. The second he's in front of the other members his mask breaks and Evan is able to see exactly how nervous he is.  Evan gives him an encouraging smile and the mask slides back into place.

"Come on batcoon, Let's go make you a suit!" Craig states,  hurrying to the males side. He grabs his arm and drags him somewhere else in the building as Evan laughs.

"What's the deal between you and him, Evan?" Brian pipes up.

"Yeah." Tyler states and Evan rolls his eyes.

"Guys-" He starts and Scotty starts laughing.

"I like him a lot okay?" He growls before storming away as he heads to find delirious.

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