Chapter 2: A Treasure Stolen?

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[Unnamed POV]
What is going on...first thing I know is that everything was dark...then it got darker...and yet more darker...then a light cut through the darkness, blinding me...then nothing

I then hear a voice...her voice was rather soothing and dare I say seductive.

???: Do you want to know?

I open my eyes and see a woman in a black cloak infront of me

???: You feel nothing...

I continues to stare at her

???: You can feel nothing

I remain the same, no change in facial expression, no shifting of position, and no breaking of eye contact

???: Do you want a meaning?

I felt something well up inside of me. A feeling that's familiar yet at the same time the feeling of something I lost what feels like a long time ago. Could...Could this be...hope?

I then nod my head.

She then makes a hand gesture and letters begin to circle around me at a fast rate, causing the letters to go out of order only to come to a complete stop as a big golden X enters the letters.

This was something that feels like I was missing...I still feel incomplete but I now feel less...empty...this word infront of me is one of the things I was looking for...

A name

Me: Marluxia

A smile grew on her face as I stared into her beautiful golden eyes with my own blue ones.

???: A new you.

She then hands me a black coat and opens a portal of sorts behind her

???: Gather anything that you need and only when you're ready will you step through the corridor.

I put the cloak on with my hood up as I give her a nod of acknowledgment.

She nods back and walks through the "corridor" as she called it.

I soon begin to walk to the "door" but right when I was about to enter I stopped...I don't know why I stopped but...There is this feeling that is preventing me from entering but what?

I turn around and see a stone slab with a pink star shaped charm in the center of it...That's...calling out to me...

I walk up to the slab and begin to take the charm out. Once I did that I stared at the star thats in my hand...A sense of familiarity hits me before I turn back around and walk into the "corridor"

But when I entered it I thought I heard someone yelling behind me.

I thought nothing of it...

[Ruby's POV]

I was currently sitting on a fallen tree trunk that is around Lauriam's grave allowing my emotions to flow freely. Lauriam didn't like seeing me cry and crying at his grave is like crying in front of him.

I couldn't do that to him after I caused his death (AN: she blames herself for Lauriam's demise)

Once I was done drying my tears I began to make my way back to big brother's grave.

But I soon stopped at what I heard.

A voice?

???: (off in the distance)...when you're ready will you step through the corridor.

I then go over to see what's going on at Lauriam's grave and that's when I saw that person.

They were garbed in a black coat with the hood up preventing me from seeing their face and they were walking into what looked to be a black portal of sorts.

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