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Published 11/23/18

Happy Thanksgiving my amazing  beautiful  readers.  I'm so thankful  to all of you!

I kept my eyes on the dragon. I took a deep breath and spread my arms out to my sides wide. I focused on the water around me and the water obeyed my commands and started to form a wall behind me. I had also forced the water near the edge of the town to become solid so that the people of lake town could get to land and away from the fight that was about to break out.

I took a deep breath and yelled out "Smaug"! The large dragons head turned to me with a sneer.  "Ohhhh and whatt do we have hereee?  I smell a mermaid and"he took a deep breath in "a God" his dark deep voice hissed.  "You have caused enough pain and sorrow you giant snake, and today will be the last time you spill blood" I called out. But my voice was a mix between my own and another's.  It was deeper and held athourity and power.  "Stupid  little creature, it isss not I who shall die today it ssshall be you who ssshall take the lassst breath" he growled / hissed and charged at me. I stood my ground not showing any fear. I will win or I will die trying.  But I will not go down without a fight.

  I pushed my arms forward  sending a tidal wave of water at the dragon.  Smaug let out a giant gasp of fire. Fire and water mixing together.  Making  steam cover the whole area.  "That power.  You are the daughter of Aegir" smaug growled out.  I spun around trying to find the large dragon. I could not see him through  the smoke.  All I could  see was the glow of the fires.  "You sssshall die" smaugs face came at me.  I gasped in shock quickly moving out of the way of his giant killer jaws.

I used the water to quicken my movements. I turned around to face the smaug.  I took a deep breath  and commanded with all my strength the water of lake town to hold the dragon in place.  Giant chains of water shot out from the lake wrapping around the dragon.  I heard a shout I'm the distance  and turned my head to see a man with a black arow pointing  it at smaug. He was going to kill the dragon. Time seemed to slow as the arrow shot through  the air.  Hitting the dragon in the chest.

Smaug let out a cry of pain and broke my water chains.  He charged  me again  grabbing  me with his claws.  He flew high into the air before letting out one last cry of pain.  The dragon was dead.  I let out a cry of fear as his body fell fast back down to earth.  I felt my smaugs body hit the water and then mine.  My body became numb.  I starred at the surface  of the water.  The surface glowed red.  I felt my legs reform back to my tail.  And then darkness.

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