Chapter 37: Forth

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Prepare your hearts darlings... Going to be a lot of ups and downs during the next few chapters 😭❤️. Especially this one has a lot of emotions... Especially for me.


This night really wasn't supposed to last as long as it did. I was just going to ruin his current date for the night, but things escalated...

Of course, I should have expected it with him around. Everything turns into a bigger mess than before.

Beam sure does attract attention everywhere he goes. I thought it would be Pha surrounded by women, but nope...

It was Beam in every single bar he visited that night. He has such a charming personality and this alluring aura about him that made girls gravitated to him. Plus, Pha was staring at his phone the entire time and shrugged the ladies that came near.

The first girl that was on his arm was very easy to distract. She happened to be from the engineering faculty so I flashed her my lady killer smile, and she came skipping to our table. Once she came though I just shook her off and kept my eyes locked on a very shocked Beam. His surprised face twisted to an aggravated one. I smirked at him and he stood up from their table to walk towards the bar. Where he easily found another all too willing girl to take the other's place.

I decided a new tactic to getting the girl off of him. I walked to the bar and sat a seat behind Beam and used my evilest "head hazer glare" her way. Beam hadn't noticed my presence yet, but he sure got the idea when the girl quivered in terror and backed away slowly. He didn't even turn around before yelling out, "DAMN YOU, FORTH!"

He twisted his chair around and narrowed his furrowed brow at me. I gave him my smoldering smile and said, "Can't have my wife openly cheating on me. Now can I? Huh? Darling?"

"Shit! You're the one who began that damn nickname, didn't you? You fucker Forth, they even call me that at my faculty now. You realize this ends in less than a month. I'm not your wife... Nor will I ever be anyone's wife. If anything I'm the husband in this fake relationship."

I tower over him seductively reaching my arm over him, and his face turns bright red. "You keep telling yourself that..." I winked at him and grabbed his drink that was set on the bar counter. I stood up and walked away. "Happy hunting, Honey."

I heard a string of curses being muttered but didn't bother to turn around. I made my way towards my friends who were trying to control their laughter.

I was going to stop...

Beam stroke out a fourth time, and dragged his friends with him out of the bar. My phone rang fifteen minutes later, and it was a one of my gang telling me they seen my wife in the bar he was at... Getting a little too chummy with a brunet with red stilettos. (The only ones who know we are acting are the hazers at my table.)

"Got it, thanks for the heads up. Keep an eye on him, and don't let him leave the bar with her. I'll be there in five," I said before hanging up the phone. I got up from my seat.

"Where are you going?" Waii asked.

"Beam's at another bar... I'm going."

"Why? Didn't you have your fun already?" Kluay asks.

"Nope. You guys coming?"

"Nah man. It's all you," Waii said.

"Don't you think you have gotten a little too... invested in this game you're playing with Mr. Med Casanova." Lam asked, giving me this creepy look.

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