Mon Amour part2

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Hugging Jack or should I say Eric really made me whole again. Man, I didn't know up until now how much i have missed him and his hugs. OH, how i wonder how he looks like, if only i could see then i wouldn't have to wonder anyways it was God's will for me to be blind and i will respect it.

"Mon amour " hearing his voice made me hug him tighter not wanting to let go plus come on it felt so good. "Aphrodite " Jack whisper yelled this time. HA was all I said while opening my eyes which was absolutely useless since I'm like blind.

"APHRODITE BONITO GILBERT WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING " Jason's voice boomed ruining my moment with Jack. Jason was all I could say realising what just happened and how I was hugging Jack in front of the whole school. Fuck I'm in deep shit.

"BONITO IF I WERE YOU I WOULD START EXPLAINING RIGHT NOW " this time Jason's voice startled me that i jumped off Jack and immediately shouted  'DONT FUCKEN CALL ME THAT NAME ' I snapped at him because my grandmother gave me that name just because its a name which means blind wolf so she thought that name was suitable to be my other name and let me tell you I hate that name with passion .

 To make it worse he said that name in front of the whole school ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that ugly piccolo with a big mouth ohh how i cant to shove my walking stick in that mouth of his.

"Don't fuc" before he could finish his sentence he got interrupted by the Principal Thank God. "Before i dismiss you i just want to say thank you to Mrs Adams and the people she chose to perform and also teachers are to stay behind.

  Lastly, everyone your dismissed "  the principal told everyone which meant people were leaving.

"And Aphrodite I'm glad you have a friend like him. You could use someone like him around here"  the principal whispered to me.

"  Thanks sir, " I said knowing he meant that maybe people will stop bullying me.which is a dream because as long as the big bad Alpha Damien is alive werewolves in this school will always make my life miserable.

"Off you go children" the principal was now shooing us off the stage. Jake took hold of my hand and lead me outside.

" Mon amour I will see you tomorrow, " said Jake as he gives me a kiss on the cheek and left. Holding the cheek he just kissed I sighed and said bye jack dreamily while waving my hands like a lunatic and I'm pretty sure i looked like one.

"You young lady are going to explain as soon as we get home " Jason stated while dragging me to his car roughly. Okay, Jason has never yelled or talked to me like that. The ride to the pack house was bare quiet I guess he is really mad, well I'm not telling him anything it's not like he tells me everything. 

As soon as we got to the pack house. Jason practically dragged me inside and threw me on the sofa. Knowing he wasn't gonna let me go to my room, I made myself comfortable and started daydreaming about the kiss Jack gave me on the cheek. man woooooo his voice and how sexy he sounds when singing ahhhhhhhhhh. I'm one lucky girl ."GOD DAMMIT APHRODITE START EXPLAINING NOW AND I MEAN IT " I gulped oh boy.

"WILL YOU STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS FOR FUCK SAKE. I DON'T OWE YOU ANY EXPLANATION " I told him getting angry myself because it seems like the only friend I can have is Naomi and talking about Naomi I have a feeling she's mad at me.

"HELL YEAH YOU DO BONITO , I'M YOUR OLDER BROTHER AND AS LONG AS MUM AND DAD AREN'T HERE I'M IN CHARGE OF YOU SO YOU BETTER START TALKING BECAUSE I'M NOT FUCKEN JOKING. I think you can say Jason is fuming with anger that the whole pack can hear our convo without even using their wolf hearing.

"WHY CAN'T YOU JUST  DROP IT YOU PICCOLO.IT S NOT LIKE IT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU SO  YOU BETTER BACK THE FUCK OFF" I shouted at him because honestly i was getting fade up with his attitude.







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