Chapter ten

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Harry was eleven now, and would be leaving for Hogwarts in a matter of days. Tom was disgusted by Hagrids entrance, and due to Hagrid, Harry had had a terrible punishment. That whipping and carving of the skin was the first punishment since he was seven to make him shed a tear. 

He was disgusted with himself, and had explained how he felt to Tom, angry tears burning his cheeks as they ran down his face. His hand was shaking, 

Tom, you don't understand, I cried.

I am fully aware you cried, you are currently crying. Now stop being so self degrading, wipe your face. 

But Tom! I want him to hurt, I want him to feel the pain I felt!

I understand, and he will. Get through these few days, figure out where Dumbledore is hiding that blasted stone and I will tell you how to bring me back to full health. Then I will take you from them and you will be my heir. The heir of Slytherin, Gaunt, and Riddle. Now, straighten yourself up.

But for me to be your heir don't I have to be your son? Or related to you?

Yes, I shall name you my son. I shall kill Harry Potter and request my Son attend Hogwarts. With a blood adoption, you shall look like me, instead of that worthless James Potter.

Okay. Goodnight Tom.

Goodnight my child.

Harry fell asleep with a fuzzy feeling in his stomach.


idk how to feel abt it

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