Chapter One: Who is N?

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Chapter One: Who is N?



The same three words my best friend had been yelling at me for the past half hour. Sighing, I rolled my eyes at her, she was starting to get on my nerves.

All this whining just because I wasn't going to be her wing woman at Jay's party tomorrow night. Though in my defence, I had an essay due the next day and Netflix shows to catch up on.

Though she didn't have to know the latter.

"I'm not going Savannah. Grow a pair and go ask Jay out yourself. He clearly is into you, hence why he invited you personally."

Sav thought about it for a few moments before grinning at me, "Hunny, my pair is bigger than yours." Shaking my head, I turn away from my best friend, who was feeling her boobs beside me.

Though it did distract her from the party discussion, thankfully.

I've heard from around campus that Jayden Green's parties are legendary, but only a few people get the invitation to attend. That's why Jayden giving Savannah the invitation was a big deal.

She smiled mischievously at me, and I immediately knew she was up to no good. Savannah held her phone in front of her face lamely attempting to hide her smile while typing on the screen.

What was she up to now?

Glaring at her, I attempted to grab her phone off her. It didn't work and her smile turned into a grin, silently laughing at me.

When I was going to grab it again, she let me and dropped her phone on my couch before running out of my dorm room, laughing.

What the heck?

Curious, I picked up her phone and gasped as I seen her recent messages were about me. Though the contact was only called 'N.'

Savannah was smiling about the photo she took of me while I was watching television and sent to this mysterious 'N' guy. He could be some creep behind a phone screen, yet my best friend sends a picture of me to him.

God only knows what he will do with that picture!

Looking at the recent text, underneath the picture, I felt disgusted but also in awe.

N: Damn! Why is she so cute.




So, will May go to the party? And who is N?

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