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Jordynn is a creative and open-minded Junior in high school. She goes through the average stuff that every teenager goes through; emotions, hormones, love. She has always noticed something though. The kid that sits in the back. He rarely talks to anyone. Everyone knows he's mute.

Harry is quiet and is sometimes afraid to try new things. He's had a rough past and it has caused him to go mute by choice. He only has a few friends and they understand sign. Harry goes through the struggle every day with communicating with people because not everybody knows sign. But Jordynn introduces herself to him and trying to get him to be social.


"Why are you over here by yourself? I see you sitting by yourself everyday." she asked sitting in the desk beside him.

He pulled out a piece of paper from his notebook and scribbled something down on it. He handed it to her and she read what he had written down.

"Not everyone knows sign." she read aloud.

She looked back to him and he had his head down, doing something on his phone. She tapped his shoulder

Jordynn signed to him, "Well I do"

This has been an idea in my mind for a week now. It doesn't make sense to start another book when I need to focus on my other one. But oh well, I guess I'll work on both.


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