The Party

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Alec POV

I was sick of Jace following Clary like a dog on a leash. Right now they were at the Silent City meeting with the Silent Brothers. 

I sighed and pushed thoughts about Jace and Clary aside and returned my attention to the book I had taken off the shelf earlier. After a few minutes of trying to read, I threw the book. It was no use, I couldn't focus. I ran my fingers through my midnight black hair, everyone said it was too long but I liked it. Isabelle, my younger sister, had given up on trying to cut it. 

There was a knock on my door but I ignored it, whoever it was would just barge in and tell me whatever they needed. A few moments later my door swung open and i was greeted by the sight of my sister in a dress that was a couple inches too short for my liking and leather boots that reached mid-thigh. 

 "Come on, Alec. We have to go." she said.

 "You aren't going anywhere dressed like that." I responded .

 "We are going to a party!" She explained . "I can't go if my dress it at my ankles". I groaned inwardly.

" Why are we going? " I asked.

 "When they went to the Silent City, Clary saw something and the only thing she could actually grasp was the name Bane. So we're going to his party tonight."

 "You don't need me." I responded coldly.

 "Yes we do. Just get dressed and meet us downstairs." She said and closed the door.

 I sighed while walking over to my closet. I quickly put on my gear and grabbed my bow and quiver. I did a quick sweep of my room, looking for my boots. They were hidden in a corner with my stele sticking out from the side.

(Time Skip. They just arrived at the party)

I was walking behind Isabelle and some mundane I didn't care enough about to learn the name of. In front of them was Clary and Jace.

The door opened and standing there was easily the most beautiful person I've ever seen. His hair was down and it fell into his eyes, which were a deep shade of brown. He was wearing black eyeliner and a royal purple eyeshadow to match the glittering purple jacket he wore. Underneath the open jacket was a black dress shirt and he was wearing incredibly tight black leather jeans. To top it all off, he was wearing a few pounds of glitter. It was sprinkled all of his features; all through his hair, across his cheekbones, and it drenched the rest of his outfit.

There was a large smile on his face but it faded when he saw us. "I didn't invite you Shadowhunters. Leave."

 " Please we need your help. " Clary begged.

 "No Clarissa, I will not help you or your kind. It always more trouble than its worth. Go" he went to shut the door but Jace held it open. 

 "We aren't leaving until you let us in and help her" Jace demanded.

 "Fine but only because of the hot one" he said. 

 "Thank you" Jace and Clary said in unison.

 "Not you" he said, sounding annoyed. "The pretty one, with the blue eyes." Magnus then smiled and winked at me.

 We began walking in but then he stopped us "Don't kill any of my guests or break anything".

I walked in behind my siblings and the mundanes, my head down to hide the blush that adorned my face, Magnus was basically flirting with me. I don't know why though, my siblings are much more attractive, it was probably just a joke. 

I felt a hand on my wrist and spun around to see who it was. It was Magnus. I could feel my heartbeat pounding in my chest and gently pulled my hand away so he wouldn't be able to feel it too. We were standing so close together and I noticed he was a few inches taller which almost never happened. 

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