Chapter 16

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Heat flooded my skin, sinking into my veins as I awoke, flush against a big, warm body. Through blurry eyes I managed to see the figure of Xerxes beside me, resting on his side, a heavy arm slack around my waist. His curly black hair was messy, obviously from sleeping the way he had hours ago.

He wasn’t one to sleep still, something I realized throughout the night after waking up numerous times to find his body sprawled across the bed, me almost on the edge. When I had finally managed to fall asleep again and then woke up once more, I found my body crushed under his, in a rather uncomfortable position. I didn’t bother to move, too tired to do so, a decision which I regret now, because of my sore body.

I slid away from him after wiping at my eyes, sitting up for a few minutes, wondering what I would be doing for the day. I had no intention of staying in this room and wanted to return to bed only when night came. My head tilted as I heard the clattering noises of plates being washed and Greta muttering to herself down below.

My foot touched the floor and almost immediately, Xerxes awoke. Squinting at me as he rested up on his elbows, a perplexed sleepy expression plastered on his face.

“Where are you going?” His voice was incredibly, husky, laced with drowsiness.

I began to stand, giving him my back. “I’m hungry.” I murmured. “You can go back to bed. I’ll be fine.”

But he didn’t. Instead he dragged himself out of bed, grumbling things about the early hour and how the sun hasn’t risen yet. He went to the bathroom, demanding that I wait for him before going downstairs.

Scoffing I leaned against the doorframe, listening to the sound of him splashing water against his face. He looked much more awake when he returned by my side, his pace fast as we both walked to the kitchen.

Greta watched through slitted eyes as we entered. Her blond hair was slicked back into a tight high bun. Her lip curled in my direction, her lips lifted in a smile at Xerxes.

“Good morning,” She called, dipping her head at her Alpha. “What is it that you’d like to eat for breakfast?”

“You decide.” Xerxes told her. He looked down to me. “Is there anything anything specific that you’d like?”

I spotted a box of cereal resting on a counter beside the fridge and then met Greta’s sharp eyes. “I’ll make my own. Can’t really trust missy over here to make me anything; she might slip some poison in.”  

Her snarl did not go unnoticed by Xerxes, who responded with one of his own, the depth quickly silencing her.

“Don’t start.” He growled. Greta sniffed, head high as she turned and walked to some plates.

I quickly made my own breakfast, taking the bowl into the dining room. Xerxes’ face was hidden behind a wide newspaper as I ate slowly, shoulders sagging as I realized that I may have to call Matthew to keep me updated about the topics which my class would be covering.

Using the house phone I called him, stiffening when the newspaper slapped closed on the table, electric eyes narrowing when I said Matthew's name. I attempted to ignore Xerxes’ glare as I hurriedly spoke to Mathew, only to have the phone plucked out of my hand, the call ending as Xerxes jabbed a button.

I hissed, “He has to give me the topics-”

“I’ll have the professor give them to you instead. Calling that boy was not necessary.”  

My body tensed. I was not taking well with his candid attitude, the tone which he delivered those words causing a heavy feeling to form in the pit of my belly. I did not like this side of him, demanding and blunt.

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