2; house keys

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5:30pm-lily's pov *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
"you're really hot.. you can get any girl or guy you want, probably."

AS i expected, this day has been very long. finally my shift it over. i got my own desk right outside of mr.besson's office. daniel is a little far from me, but i could still see anytime he looked over at me. he's really cute.

i get up and grab my bag, holding some papers in my hand. mr.besson has already left, i just had to do something real quick. i noticed daniel waited for me though.

i walk over and he smiles, grabbing his coat, "so.. you up for coffee? or dinner?" i smile as he grabs the papers for me. "i don't know if that is professional. i mean we are co-workers," i say teasing him.

he chuckles, "well, maybe not.. but hey, i'm a great cook so you'll be missing out." i giggle, "okay, make just dinner. don't get any ideas." he laughs, pressing the elevator button.

"you know, mr.besson says you give your number to lots of girls," i say and he looks over at me. "he did?" he asks and i nod. he chuckles, "that was honestly the first time i've ever done something like that.. let alone something that smooth."

"i find that hard to believe," i smile and he smiles at me. "yeah? why's that?" he asks and i shrug. "you're really hot.. you can get any girl or guy you want, probably," i say and he smirks.

"you think i'm hot?" he asks, nudging my shoulder. i laugh, "very." he smiles, his cheeks turning a little red. he tries not to show it, but he can't help it, "well thank you. i think the same of you." i smile, looking down at my feet.


we get to his apartment and walk in, hand in hand. "woah, nice place," i say, noticing all the expensive marble and details. daniel chuckles, pulling off his jacket. "psh, i'm sure your place is way better," he says. "why do you say that?" i ask, looking back at him.

he shrugs, unbuttoning a couple buttons from his undershirt, "your outfit looks very expensive. i'm just guessing." "well you are completely and utterly wrong," i smile, taking off my jacket. "no, really?" he asks, coming closer to me. i nod.

"my place is really small and plain. i don't have a lot of money which is why i started this job. i already work a different job on weekends," i say and daniel nods. he takes my jacket and puts it in his closet. "well, you can always stay here. i've got plenty of room," he smiles.

i smile, "thank you, but i wouldn't want to intrude." "no! i would love your company," he says and i shrug. "i don't think i can do it, sorry," i say and he sighs.

"well if you ever change your mind.." he says, going into a drawer, grabbing keys. he hands them to me, "mi casa es tu casa." i put the keys in my purse, "you're sweet, dani." he smiles, shrugging, "just trying to help out a pretty girl."

i smile, blushing slightly. daniel grabs my purse and puts it on a table, grabbing my hand. we go over to the couch and sit next to each other. he moves closer to me, putting some hair behind my ear.

"what ever happened to dinner?" i ask and he chuckles, standing up. wow way to ruin the moment lily. "you're right, you're right. sorry, i told you i wouldn't get any ideas," he says, walking into the kitchen.

well fuck.


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