Chapter 6

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        Friday night rolled around and now the Styles-Twist family was gathered at the kitchen table for breakfast. Anne had just finished cutting up Harry’s French toast into bite sized pieces before sitting down next to Robin. Harry had woken up in a particularly subdued mood that morning; only being fussy when Anne woke him up. He picked up a piece of the French toast and licked the syrup off, causing him shriek excitedly and pat his mouth.

                Anne smiled at him, knowing that certain tastes stimulated him in a positive way. “Is that good, honey?” She hummed and rubbed his back soothingly. “Ah-Ma!” Harry continued to pat his parted lips, telling his Mum he wanted more. Anne got a piece of toast on her fork and fed it to him.

                “Honey, don’t feed him. The doctor said he needs to start doing it on his own, remember?” Robin said worriedly, not wanting Harry to regress any further. “I know, I just don’t want him to spill.” Anne hummed and looked at Robin who chuckled and shook his head. “I’ll clean him up after he finishes.” He said and kissed Anne’s cheek.

                Anne hummed contently and started eating her food. Harry hummed and waved his syrupy hand in front of his face while blinking quickly. Gemma noticed this and gently guided her brother’s hand to his plate, helping him grasp a piece of toast in his fingers and picking it up. “There you go, bud.” She hummed and made sure he ate it. Both Anne and Robin admired their daughter for being so sensitive to Harry’s needs and also for having the patience to wait for his progress.

                After the table was cleared and cleaned, the family decided to lounge in the living room, all of them feeling slightly run down from the previous week; with the exception of Harry who was standing by the wall, flipping the light switch on and off quickly. Anne learned that it was one of his visual stimulations that kept him calm when he was overwhelmed or hyper. “Ah! Nananana!” He shrieked and reached up towards the lights on the ceiling, feeling the warmth on his palm once the light was turned on, and the slight cool when the light was turned off. Needless to say, Harry was hypersensitive when it came to touch, and could pick up on the slightest change of temperature in a room.

                Gemma sighed and rubbed her forehead while trying to read a book for her AP English class; nearly getting a headache from the continual brightening and darkening of the room. “H, how about you play on the iPad?” She suggested and pointed to it lying on the floor. “Ah! Ah! No!” Harry grunted and flicked the light switch at a faster pace.

                Anne took notice of the frustrated look on Gemma’s face and got up, walking over to Harry. “Baby, we need to be considerate of others. C’mon, you can watch Little Bear, yeah?” She hummed gently and moved his hand away from the light switch. “MMM!” Harry groaned loudly and bounced on his toes while holding onto his mother’s shoulders.

                “Yes, I know.” Anne hummed and brushed her thumb over Harry’s cheek, while making hushing sounds. Harry whimpered and blinked his eyes quickly to try and get the same effect as the lights, but didn’t feel any stimulation. “Ahhhh!” He cried and sank down to the floor. “No no, stand up. We’re not doing this today.” Anne sighed and took Harry’s hands, trying to stand him up.

                “Nanana-AHHHH!” Harry screamed and threw his head back irritatedly, beginning to rock back and forth. “Shh, how about we use the lights in the kitchen? Wanna do that, boo?” Anne cooed and rubbed Harry’s back soothingly. Harry sniffled slightly and patted his eyes, which Anne took as a yes. She carefully helped him to stand and walked him to the kitchen. Harry immediately latched into the wall with the nearest light switch and began to flick the light on and off as fast as he could while squealing happily and patting his cheek.

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