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Sunny was at school, sitting peacefully in her seat. She was in her last class and just waiting for the dismissal bell to ring. She was finishing her senior year in high school. Even though she hated this time of the day, she just wanted to get back to the dorms.

Her hair was styled in two French braids and she didn't have any makeup on, bare faced. Which she wasn't the most confident in her bare face since old friends called her ugly before she had debuted. She still had courage to go out though since her band members helped her feel good about herself.

It was a Friday and Sunny was sitting in the front of the class, drawing in a notebook for some free time that the class gained. She heard laughing and snickering behind her as she felt a paper hit her head. She didn't let it bother her and she just kept drawing on her paper.

The bell rung and everyone piled out of the class. Sunny was always the last one out of the room since she usually packed up late. Today she was going to stay after school for extra help but she quickly decided that she wanted to go back to the dorms. She smoothed out her uniform skirt and closed her notebook. She placed it in her white book bag.

"Min Sun, you are staying after today? Correct?" The teacher asked.

"I actually changed my mind. I have to go back to my place today." Sunny said.

The teacher nodded and went back to her work when she saw Sunny stand up and start to leave. As the girl was walking out, she noticed a group of girls waiting at her locker. She was confused but decided to not stop at her locker today. She walked the opposite way and quickly left through the front of the school.

The manager was waiting for her out in the parking lot. Sunny was stood still for a second and tried to look around for the car she needed to go to. She couldn't find it. Suddenly she felt a cold hand touch her shoulder and turn her around quickly.

This girl again. YoSeok was the "popular" girl in this school. Well, she wasn't really. She just called herself that. She always had a problem with Sunny, but the young girl never did anything wrong to YoSeok.

Sunny stood there with her arms crossed. YoSeok hit her across the face. Shocked, Sunny just stood there holding her cheek where the rude girl had hit her. Sunny didn't dare to hit her back since she wasn't that impolite, plus she was an idol and this wasn't the best for her reputation. That's when it all started. That's when Sunny's life flashed before her.

YoSeok had grabbed one of Sunny's braids and yanked it to pull the idol close to her face.

"Why did you even come around here?" YoSeok asked as she yanked Sunny's black hair even more.

Thats when Sunny was slapped again. This time it left a big scratch on her face from the nails of YoSeok being dragged across her cheek. Sunny's cheek was bleeding and she couldn't do anything about it.

YoSeok turned to see someone coming down the hall. But, that person must not have seen what was happening outside of the school since they ended up turning the corner and walking away. YoSeok let go of Sunny and pushed her to the ground.

"Just try not to come back." YoSeok said as she walked away with her friends.

Sunny put her hand to her face and when she pulled away she saw the blood. She started to tear up. She stood up and started to walk the opposite way of where the manager was waiting for her. She could've have gotten on a bus but she didn't want to deal with the other students who would make fun of her.

She walked until she could no longer see the school. Her phone was ringing and it was Mingyu who was calling her. All the members of Seventeen had been trying to get in contact with her when they noticed she wasn't home at her normal time. She didn't pick up.

She decided to keep walking to her favorite dance studio. No one was there since the business shut down. It was empty but perfectly kept in place. The walls were painted and everything was still there. She walked inside and quickly shut the door behind her.

She pulled the extra shirt she had, for gym, out of her bag and put it up against her face to stop most of the bleeding. She leaned against the wall and slowly slide down it. She started to cry as she held the cloth to her face.

After an hour, the door to the studio flung open and Wonwoo entered. He was the only one to find her since the rest of Seventeen all split up to Sunny's favorite places to see if she was there. Wonwoo dropped down onto his knees when he saw the small girl crying alone.

He held his hand to her face and pulled the cloth away from her. He saw the scratches that now have stopped bleeding. He turned her head gently to get a better look at them. There were four pretty big scratches that ran from under her eye, straight across one of her cheeks. He pulled the girl into a hug.

"What happened Sunny." Wonwoo asked.

"YoSeok Just... just..." She bursted out crying once again. "She slapped me twice a-and pulled my hair. When I thought she was done... she pushed me to the ground."

Wonwoo was angry but he didn't want to show it for the sake of Sunny. He just held onto her and tried to help her calm down.

After a while, all the members of Seventeen were in the studio that Sunny had gone to after school. The hyung line tried was trying to figure something out since they couldn't just take Sunny out of school and if it was their choice, they already would have. On the other hand, the maknae line was trying to help Sunny either calm down or help with her cuts that would start bleeding again.

She kept crying as she replayed the moment back in her head. She would cry on Jun's shoulder as he tried to comfort her in this tough situation she had to go through.

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