Chapter 1

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   The story of the God was told to all , kids , woman and men knew about the tail of the fight of the Gods that ended by creating a wonderful thing , that tail was told to me once in my life and I remember each word of the story , what they dont know is that the original town that the Gods up their holy feet has now been destroyed and is now a vaste field of green not touched by another human after it was destroyed. But after it was destroyed a new town was created and was the highlight of magic and the passing throw of demigods, Elysuim the most famous town in the planet and the most magic users, but its not only know for the towns folk magic users but the powerful Guild in the territory , Raven Tail , known for housing the Son of Zeus and its reputation for reckless behavior , I've done quite a lot of research on the guild , they are strong , brave but very destructive and the fact they have the powerful Aaron Caelestis son of Zeus , joined the guild in a very young age , interesting enough I've done only my research on him and not the only demigods, but the word of others demigods I do not know cause the search for information for the son of Zeus was harder than you think

"Miss is there anything else you need " the waitress asked with a sweet smile as I shook my head no , as I handed her a few coins as she accepted it and walked away , leaving the small shop I was hit with the rays of the sun , the town was up and at it at 10 in the morning , the town was lovely , well built stone street , beautiful houses , for a destructive guild they keep the town in good shape , and it wasn't hard to miss the guild , it was huge looking like a castle but a bit smaller , but it was still beautiful , the crest of the raven was on view with the flag waving around ,a head of a raven was the logo but more fierce, making my way to it , I managed to get to it in a quick time , I stood in front of its huge wooden doors  screams  frightened me as I back up , as I heard voices coming my way as I back away even more from the building 

"I can't believe we only got half of the reward from that mission "a deep voice said clearly annoyed , my eyes found where it came from , it was a tall man with dark eyes making his hair which was tied in a bun 

"we did destroy half of their town"a girl next to him spoke laughing afterwards, she was not as short in compared to him she had a beautiful wavey hair and green emerald eyes , my eyes fell to the guy on the right of the darked haired man , he was taller than both it was very easy to see , not only was he tall he was impressively well built , tone arms were on full show , thighs bigger than normal , hes dirty blonf hair was a mess as his sky blue eyes looked in another direction 

"we?"he asked looking to the girl , he's voice was deep and could melt iceblocks in a second , he looked familiar , why couldnt I remeber from where , the girl let out a roar of laughs 

"Im sorry I mean you"she grinned as he rolled his eys before the darked haired man kicked the wooden doors open 

"we're back"He yelled as the inside cheer as he entered followed by the tall blond , the girl was about to enter but  she stopped at looked at me with knitted eyebrows ,I must have caught her attention , not that it wasnt hard , my black hood must have given me away as it might look weird just to my hands and the shape of my cheek bones and nose  , she approached me caution 

"hi"she greeted me with a smile looking under the shade of my hood "are you interested in joining?" she asked as I just looked at her before slowly nodding ,she smiled as she grabbed my hand as she pulled me through the huge wooden door "WILLOW "she called someone as someone popped in front of us , her curly hair was everywhwere as a bright smile was on full shown on her face 

"new member "she said as I nodded in a snap of a her fingers paper and pen popped next to her as she grabbed them  "Name, magic you posses  please" she asked

"Thea Agnetha "I said in a low soft voice as she wrote it down "Fire" I showed small flame on my finger 

"okay , would you like to get the guild mark where and it's color, it"she asked , the guild marks , those were marks people carried forever in their life but I dont know how long it will stay with me "before that sign this"she handed me the paper she was writing on which turned out to be a contract , writting on the dotted line , handing her back her pen I finally answered her 

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