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     The war between Gods began many centuries ago , in a time when humans started to populate the earth. The most powerful Gods continued to fight in hate for each other not caring about the mortal humans who are harmed by their caos, Zeus , Poseidon , Hades the three bothers were the center of human deaths.

     In the fear of being defeated by one of his brothers , Zeus came to the town of the mortal in the look of a way to protect himself and what came from that was a imitate relationship with a mortal woman from that relationship was born the first demigod , the word of the child did not get unnoticed by the other God , who were surprised at what was created from a God and the mortal , it possessed the powers of the Gods but the mortality of the weak human, it wasn't long before the other Gods came to the mortal world creating these children. After decades of entering the mortal world , at that time Olympus had come back in peace , the Gods no longer fighting , Zeus banded the Gods on going back to the mortal world to create more demigods , but that rule was broken by Zeus himself followed by the others. Centuries upon centuries the Gods go back to bound with a mortal after a death of their child.

   The mortal humans were no longer weak as the decades passed , they began to learn how to use witchcraft and or magic users  , humans created what they call guilds to for the most powerful magic users which all wanted one thing , a demigod , that makes the guild more famous. 

  Now we are going to accompany members of a certain guild on their aventures of what come up to face them on this book

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