Chapter 77: An Yize's Waist, An Yize's Back, An Yize's Shoulders, An Yize's Legs

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Fallen for him?

Su Jian had a fearful feeling like the gate to a new world has been opened.

I have fallen for An Yize? How is that possible? This is completely absurd hahaha, ha, ha, ha…

Su Jian put on a smile that was uglier than a crying face.

Since the shock was too great, Su Jian was absent minded the whole day during work.

“Little Su, is this your boyfriend? Wow, so handsome!” His colleagues suddenly began showering him with compliments.

It was then Su Jian realised that he had taken out his phone unconsciously and had been staring dazedly at An Yize on the phone screen.

Hearing the voices, a few other colleagues came over, all wanting to take a look at Su Jian’s handsome boyfriend.

“Ah, he’s handsome indeed! Little Su, is he really your boyfriend? You didn’t photoshop an idol’s face did you?”

“Little Su, when will you let us see the real person?”

“Oh right. Little Su, what does he do?”

Su Jian felt so awkward being surrounded by a bunch of female colleagues asking about his boyfriend. He replied vaguely, “En, he’s indeed my… Uh, boyfriend.”

His colleague laughed, “Just look at both of your faces, it’s a match made by heaven! By the way, when will we get to attend your wedding?”

Su Jian showed a stiff smile and didn’t reply. Wedding? We did have our wedding before. But now, what’s approaching should be a divorce…

Su Jian suddenly recalled that his one year contract with An Yize was almost over.

Unknowingly, time passed so quickly. It had been almost a years since his rebirth. And during this period of time, he became closer with An Yize. He got to know him, kiss him, hug him and have…..

Su Jian let out a long sigh.

The An Yize on the screen was glancing at sister Su while turning his face sideways as he turned his face away, eyes indifferent. However, Su Jian remembered that An Yize’s eyes were always deep and gentle when looking at Su Jian.

It’s the end. I’m really infatuated with An Yize’s *. From the bottom half to the top half and now the face…

Su Jian placed his head on the table and knocked on it a few times.

The bell that marked the start of lessons rang. Su Jian carried his books and walked listlessly to the classroom.

“In classical Chinese, the word ‘sit’ had a few different meanings. Everyone, please take note. The first definition is something you do to receive punishment. For example, if you say ‘sitting on law’, it means to receive punishment due to your crimes. Secondly, ‘sit’ can have the same meaning as ‘because.’ For example, stopping the car in order to do [1] some admiring of the night scenery’….

Su Jian had yet to finish his sentence when a few students in the back began laughing strangely. Su Jian listened carefully only to hear a few students repeating softly, “Making love! Making love!”

Su Jian immediately got[2] the joke they were talking about and felt a little awkward. Initially, he had wanted to put up a neutral face and pretend he didn’t understand what they were saying. However, for some reason, An Yize suddenly appeared in his mind.

An Yize’s waist, An Yize’s back, An Yize’s shoulders, An Yize’s legs, as well as his “Jian Jian, I love you” which carried a slight pant……

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