16- The Waitress

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Okay guys in this imagine there will be two pionts of view Neymar's and yours.


(y/n)'s POV*

"(y/n) go take the menu to table 1 please." my manager yelled.

"wait, table one isn't that the VIP table?" i asked confosed

"yes it is , some footballers booked it, now go" she rushed me out.

"uhm okay" i walked over to the table to see a group of five boys that i recognised as the players of the Brazil National Team.

Hulk, Thiago, Oscar, Marcelo, and OMG Neymar.

I fixed myself to look presentable to them.

"hello i'm (y/n) and I'll be your waitress tonight, would you like anything to drink?" i asked them smiling politely.

"We'll have five beers please." Hulk answered for the five of them.

"here are the menus. i will back to take your order in a few."

Neymar's POV*

"Damn she's hot" I mumbled under my breath.

The guys laughed.

"don't stare Neymar it's rude." Marcelo said.

"ha ha very funny" i said sarcasticly.

"She's coming back try your Neymar moves." Oscar said to me laughing.

I shook my head at them.

Then she came back and put our drinks infront of each of us.

"are you guys ready to order?" she asked holding a note book and a pen.

"yeah i'll have a chiken alfredo please." Oscar said.

"i'll have the same please." Said Thiago.

"same for me" added Oscar.

"I'll have the steak please." Hulk said.

Then she turned to me .

I smirked. here we go.

"I'll have the spagetti bolognese beautiful with your number please."

Thiago choked on his bear and Hulk patted his back holding a laugh.

"uhm i will bring you guys' orders , without my number part." she mumbled.

"i can't believe you Neymar her number seriously?" Thiago laughed.

"what can i say I am Neymar Jr." i laughed along with them.

(y/n)'s POV*

I went back to the kitchen giving the order and sighing loudly.

"what happened there you look shocked." asked my best friend Julia.

"Neymar jr just called me beautiful and asked for my number." We looked at eachother then began jumping and squealing.

"omg did you give it to him?" she asked me still jumping.

"uhm no" i said stopping my excitement.

"what why he asked for it . you can still slip it next to his plate ya know?"

"ugh fine."

"(y/n) you've loved the guy for so long why not try."

"okay i'll do it help me send the plates, the chiken alfredo for Oscar, Thiago and Marcelo, i'll give Neymar's and Hulk's ones. "

"okay write a note and your number here for Neymar"

she handed me a paper that i wrote on and put next to Neymar's plate.

And we went to serve the plates.

Neymar's POV*

She came back with a girl behind her with our food. The girl with her put the plates in front of Thiago, Oscar and Marcelo then left.

Then The beauty . i'll call her that. put hulk's plate infront of him then mine.

I noticed a paper next to my plate and i smirked .

She then left and i unfolded the paper and read it.

Well i guess i'm giving you my number after all, My name is (y/n) as i told you guys. and here is my number xx xxx xxx :)

I grinned and put the paper in my pocket deciding to call her later.



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