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My breath was stuck in my throat.

I could not breathe.

Tears flooded my eyes and coursed down my face like a stream.

I felt and heard the blood rushing through my ears.

But none of that matter at the moment.

The only thing that mattered right now was him.

I watched as his blood poured from the side gurney he was lying in.

The ambulance was speeding but not going fast enough for me.

I watched as two strangers tried to save his life.

They were desperately trying to stop the blood that was dripping out of his wounds.

 And by the looks of it…

They were failing.

He was making these weird choking noises.

His eyes were looking around desperately, searching for help.

His hands were shaking by his sides.

He was dying right before my eyes.

And I could do nothing but watch.

The day I first saw him I knew my life would never be the same.

It was the day I realized that life wasn’t all about me.

It was the day I realized the world wasn’t kind to everyone.

The day I met him was the day I stopped just being alive and started living .

The day I met him was the day I realized…

He was my one and only weak spot. 

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