Chapter 27: Above Them

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november 23, 2018

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"Holy hell–oh my go–what the hell!" I cried, burying my face into my hands–not wanting to face the ghoul.

He can't be that possible? How is that possible? Is that why Woojin took him? But how about my blood? How can he explain my blood?

"I apologized beforehand..." The ghoul said quietly.

"That doesn't make anything better! I flew off the ground! I was carried by a ghoul who merely has one ghoul eye!"

"You can call it red eye."

"I don't care!" I finally faced him– or it, throwing my arms to the air on either of my sides.

The ghoul chuckled which made me frown. How can he laugh at this situation? Is he going to eat me now?

"No I'm not going to eat you," he laughed.

I gasped, putting a hand on my mouth with the other over it with my eyes widened, making the ghoul laugh once again now hysterically.

"Did you think that I could read minds? Well no I can't!" He spoke in between fits of laughter. "It's obvious that you're thinking about it. That's what everyone thinks when they see a ghoul."

I slowly dropped my hands, frowning at him. "What do you want me to think then? I've almost got devoured by ghouls twice! And thrice if you're planning to do so as well!"

We're actually on the top of a tall tree so I'm doing my best to avoid looking down or else I'd die this instant. Well, I think it's better to die in a mundane way than do die in the hands of a
ghoul or in the mouth of a ghoul? I'm not sure.

"Not all ghouls are the same."

"And how am I supposed to believe that!"

"You should since if all ghouls were the same, then I would have been ripping off your flesh by now."

He's actually right at that point but still, I don't get it. Why?

"Why were you at Woojin's house? How do you know him?" I asked him.

I can already feel my legs shaking. I don't want to but I'm preparing myself for death now. I had hoped that I would find my mother's body first before I die. I want to be buried beside her but oh well.

"I thought we were friends but turns out that he only wanted to become friends with me to capture me and study me and probably kill me. All the bodies and blood you saw in the lab are ghouls'. I'm just not sure if all of them are my kind or the original or the ordinary predators."

"That can't be possible? My blood was in there!"

He smirked and before I could even blink my eyes, he was already barely an inch apart from
me and his lips were almost touching my ear. I could feel his breath fanning against my fragile skin, making me shiver almost to death.

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