Chapter 1

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Chaeyoung's POV

"Don't leave me , Mina"

" I'm sorry i have to leave but please remember me when we meet again "

"Please don't go " I sobbed

I gave Mina a last kiss on her forehead.
Tears continue to stream down both of our faces.

"I hope we meet again" I thought while looking at her leaving my sight.

(^ A dream ^)

I woke up with tears stained on my face.I had the same dream for years yet i still couldn't find Mina.

Mina was my childhood friend.We met when we was 7 year old.She had to leave japan to korea when we was 8.I came to korea at 15 to find her,its been 3 years since i came.But still no news of her.I am studying in JYP high school now.

" Ring ring ring " A phone call break my chains of thoughts


"Where the hell are u?"

"At home"



(End call)

Jeongyeon's POV

Tzuyu , Momo and I are in class waiting for our cub , Chaeyoung.

"BANGGG" The door bursted open revealing a sweaty guy with black sweater and jeans , the guy is none other than Son Chaeyoung.

"He is so hot when his sweaty"

"Look at his messed up hair"

"He is so cute when he in a rush"

Chaeyoung ignored those comments from our classmate and went to his seat which was beside me.Just then,the professor came in with another 4 students.

One of them caught my eyes the most.She really resemble a bunny because of her front teeth.Her smile was to best smile i had seen so far in my 18 years of life.I smile without even realising until chaeyoung tapped me and whispered

" I know they are very pretty but you don't need to smile like that "

I look at him and he gave me a smirk.

Momo's POV

Those 4 girls looks breathtaking.Especially one of them,She had the white skin i had ever seen.Looking at her made me smile like no tomorrow.

I look over at Tzuyu.His mouth was wide open,a fly can enter.I slightly push his chin up,when he realised,he change to a smile.He smile so hard that his dimple appeared.

Tzuyu's POV

The 4 girls are so pretty and cute.Especially that girl that looks like a squirral.She is so cute.I saw her trying to hug her friend when the professor is talking.Its was so cute.I didn't notice that my mouth was wide open until Momo push my mouth slightly.I look at him with a smile.I looked behind to find Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon also looking at those girls with a wide smile especially chaeyoung.His dimple was as deep as ocean.

Chaeyoung's POV

Isn't that the girl that I accidently crash into just now?


I was rushing to my class as class is starting in 2 minutes.I run as fast as i can with sweat rolling down my forehead.

"Bangggg" I felt a great inpact on my body as i fell backwards

I saw a girl that i crash into.I stood up and walk to the girl.

" I am so so sorry.Are you okay?I didn't mean to crash into you.I was in a rush to class.I am so sorry " I said while offering a hand to help her get up.

"Its alright.I wasn't looking at where i was going to" She said with getting up with the help of my hand.

Her hand was so smooth and soft.And she looks so pretty.She also looked familiar.But i didn't have time so I apologised again and run to my class.

*end of flashback*

She still look stunning.
But she look like someone....
She look so familiar....
Who is she....

I ignored my thoughts and just admire the piece of art in front of my eyes.I smiled showing my ocean deep dimple.Then i looked over at Jeongyeon to see him with a wide smile.I tapped him and whispered something before putting my attention bacj on the girls.

Third person POV

"Please introduce yourself please" The professor told the 4 girls.

"Hi.I am Im Nayeon.Nice to meet you.Please take care of me"

"Hi.I am Kim Dahyun.I am happy to me here.Please take care of me"

"Helloo.I am Minatosaki Sana.Please be nice to me and take care of me.Thank you."

"Hello.I am Myoui Mina.Please take care of me"

Right after the last girl,Mina said her name.Jeongyeon,Tzuyu and Momo look at Chaeyoung immedially.

Chaeyoung had his eyes and mouth wide open.He look like he was about to tear uo but he was holding in.He couldn't believe that the girl that he accidently crash into was his childhood friend that he was finding for over 3 years.He gathered his emotion and contiune studying while waiting for class to end.


The bell indicate that class was over.

Chaeyoung packed his thing as fast as possible and ran after Mina.

He caught her wrist and said .....

Author's note
First chapter must be boring.
I tried my best.
Thank you for reading.
Dm if any mistake.

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