Chapter five

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Taehyung p.o.v
I sat down beside Beakhyun whilst he waited for jungkook Beakhyun said "tae stand up we need to show some respect"

I said "he doesn't deserve my respect"

Beakhyun was about to ask something but
There was a knock on the door and beakhyun greeted the boys all were there jeon jungkook kim namjoon kim seokjin park jimin and jung hoseok

I rolled my eyes at them

Jungkook said "please to meet you Beakhyun we look forward to the future meetings"

Jungkook looked at me his eyes widened our eyes connected i broke it off

He went back to business and looked away leaving with his members

Beakhyun said "tae bear what was that about"

I said "long story short"

Beakhyun said "long"

I said "when i was in high school i was like a really innocent bubbly guy and then i met jungkook we dated till the end of high school i walked over to his to see him already working on business shit and he said he didn't love me he never did he isn't gay and broke up with me so i left and you found me in the dark that night after that i never saw him till this day and his friends those were my friends"

Beakhyun said "oh im soo sory tae we should cancel deals with him"

I said "no i can deal with it i will just ignore them when you bring them for deals"

Beak got a call from chanyeol so he left and went to his i went home

Jung-kook p.o.v
I left theboffice with my members and hobi said "dude that V guy gave us bad vibes man no wonder people fear him"

I said "yh yh whatever"

I said "hobi whats taehyung doing know?"

Hobi said "not sure let me find up some info on him"

After we were at the house hobii looked for the information i asked him to look for and he said "TAEHYUNG WAS ABDUCTED BY THE EXO MAFIA"

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