@writer_muslimah's Interview! Part Two!

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________ (PART TWO) ________

... continued here!

Humaira : Welcome back, guys! 👋🏻 Here we have the second part for the interview with Jasmin a.k.a. writer_muslimah ! So, Jasmin, I feel like we didn't even start the proper interview yet.

Jasmin : Hi! Lol that's what happens when you keep talking about marriage and Aladdin. We can go on forever!

Humaira : Ahhh yes! Lol, let's continue now; Why did you start writing?

Jasmin : When I started, I didn't really have a purpose. I can't even remember when I started, I have pictures of me when I was three, actually. I was wearing a red dress, holding a pencil in one hand, a chocolate in another. I was writing on a paper... Lol, it looks so messy! Then, I was writing stories by six I guess... Of course, even when I first started writing on Wattpad, I still didn't have a purpose. Only after a year or something, I revised everything and found a purpose. I decided to write only Islamic fiction, and thus the purpose of writing to please Allah, help people find the real image of Islam, and to display the beauty of our religion, was generated!

Humaira : Aww alhamdulillah! ❤️ That was such a good answer! Okay, do you limit yourself to word count in your chapters?

Jasmin : Always. Wattpad likes quick updates. If you take too long to write out a chapter, readers will just ditch you, lol. Nobody likes a late-comer, or in this case, a later-updater! :P

Humaira : How often do you update?

Jasmin : Normally once or twice a week.

Humaira : Do you write a chapter and post it or keep loads of chapters in store?

Jasmin : I just write and post, nowadays. But it may change later, and that's okay. We need to go up and down with life, and manage it. 😄

Humaira : 😁 True! What is the biggest message that your story "Qalb – Story of the Heart" portrays?

Jasmin : Whatever happens now, have faith in Allah. Whatever He has written for you will surely be for the best. But if you want something very much, then remember that we have the weapon of Du'ah. Put your heart and soul into your du'ah. Cry, pray, pray and pray some more. Ask Allah sincerely from your heart. Let every word that you utter in front of Him be pure and true. Remember that YOU want something from Him, know that YOU are the one who needs Him. And lastly, don't lose hope. You need to have perfect belief in His Abilities, you should have complete conviction that He can Hear you, and He will Respond. Calm your heart, and wait. Plunge your heart into the pool of sabr, and wait.

Humaira : 😭 SubhanAllah, thatbwas so beautiful, and that is so true. And what a wonderful message this gives! Next; if you had to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Jasmin : Um... I should be more productive, lol.

Humaira : Don't we all?! XD I haven't even made anything for lunch yet.

Jasmin : Lol, it's so late for you though! 🤔

Humaira : Right? 😝 Procrastination is one thing we all wish to be rid of! Hmm... Do you have a pet?

Jasmin : Nope.

Humaira : I thought you had a rabbit!

Jasmin : What? No, lol!

Humaira : But... I remember you having something like a rabbit... or a cat...

Jasmin : Loool "something like a rabbit"? *laughs*

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