◇Chapter 2◇

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Hey guys! So far, I'm really liking writing this book! So I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Wolfie's P.O.V

They can't do this to her...

"Get back to work now or there will be punishment!"

'This is your last chance puny peridot! If I catch you slacking again, I'll inform the diamonds!"

"This is the last straw! You're coming with me!"

I stand here, in a crowd of gems, they plan to shatter my best friend for not doing her job.

I can't let this happen. This is all my fault anyway...

I look at my hand. It gleams brighter than any other ruby's gem I have before. But that's because it's not a ruby. I'll show them who I am. This won't be peri's end.

Yellow diamond raises her hand, ready to hit and shatter her in one strike. I run into action and stick my hand towards her, to which it sends a blast of energy at her, knocking her down. This was to the surprise of the other diamonds and all gems around.

I sweat slightly in nerves. They look at me in shock.

"Let her go! Please!"

They shake their heads. I sigh and look at my gem. I start to shapeshift causing my gem to turn and show its true shape, A diamond.

White Diamond smiles at me while blue and pink gasp. Yellow diamond had a look of total disbelief on her face.

I take this chance to help peri. I bring her to my side and stand my ground.
Yellow turns to white Diamond.

"White! You can't possibly allow this"

She is hushed by blue who picks me up. I wave peri away telling her to get to safety.

Blue looks me in the eye with curiosity. That is until white takes me from her.

"So, you've been hiding that your a diamond for a long time red. I didn't even catch on to your little game! Well, What matters now I'd that you are a diamond and will be treated as one."

She places you down and you hear loud cheers, causing you to cover your ears.

"You'll get used to it." Pink chuckles.


Pink Diamond's P.O.V☆
I hide a small blush from Red. She's so tiny that you'd mistake  her for a pearl or ruby. It suits her and it's absolutely adorable.

She smiles lightly at the crowds and waves to them. We stay there for a little longer until yellow and blue have to go back to their other planets. I wish I had a planet to go to...

White brings us back to her palace like ship. I go to my room and white prepares reds room. Ill check on her later, she seems fun.

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