Captain Lawrence

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Gunfire and explosions were all the sound Andy could make out as she clambered between the rocks for cover. She threw her hands over her ears as another explosion tore through the air. 

"The Captain is down!" someone yelled and she was on her feet in a second, racing over.

"Check his pulse!" she snapped, hefting her M4 as she moved to provide cover. A quick glance gave her an assessment of the situation. The truck looked mobile, but both jeeps were decimated. They'd lost half the team already and the captain was down, in what condition, they weren't sure yet. 

They still had half their team, though, and it looked like there were only a few hostiles. Most of it had been the fact that they'd driven right over the mines. Whoever scouted the area hadn't done their job. 

Andy couldn't dwell on that, though. She sighed in one of the hostiles making a run for cover. She took him down wit ha few shots and turned back around.

"Captain's status?" she demanded.

"KIA!" the other man yelled back, panic in his voice. 

Andy cursed. The captain was dead and that left her as Sergeant, in command. She hated being in charge of people. You could never predict their actions, and people were all idiots. At least when she was in charge that was one less idiot presiding over her. 

Taking a deep breath, she scanned the ridges for hostiles. 

"Check on the others, get anyone who's uninjured and make sure they have a weapon. Get the injured into the truck. That's our ride out of here," she ordered. 

"Yes ma'am," the other man said and headed off. Andy found herself joined by two others a moment later. She ordered them to provide any cover necessary to get the others out alive. Glancing back she saw Dawson was managing to get the injured into the truck. He was struggling, though, so she ordered Mann over to help him. 

She turned to check on them when one of the other's yelled.

"Get down!"

Andy spotted the grenade as she lunged for cover and threw her hands over her ears. Her M4 skittered beside her as she hit the ground. Seconds later the grenade exploded, throwing shrapnel everywhere. 

Andy was already on her feet again, though, hauling up her rifle to bear on the hostiles trying to rush them. She took down two and drew her knife, rushing up to meet another. She slit the man's throat without a second thought and pulled the rifle up one handed to put about ten bullets in the next man's chest. Both dropped without a sound and the remaining few were taken down by the remaining men. Andy jogged back to cover, panting slightly. She glanced back for any sign of Dawson or Mann.

"Dawson?" she called out and checked communication. 

"Still here, ma'am, we've got all the injured in the truck. You joining us?"

"Yeah, gimmie a second," she snapped and yelled at the other's to fall back. They all piled into the truck. It was tight, but it would have to suffice. She grabbed the side frame as she held her rifle ready with one hand, watching for more hostiles. 

"Floor it," she ordered and the truck lurched as Dawson hit the pedal and the vehicle jumped forward, skidding some on the sand as it raced down the road. Andy held on tight, face tight as the carnage of the short battle faded. She didn't relax one second of the trip to the next base. When they finally pulled up she pried her eyes away from the horizon and looked forward towards the base as Dawson slowed their approach and pulled inside. He pulled the truck to a stop as several doctors headed over to take care of the injured. 

Andy slipped out undetected and made her way towards the generals quarters. Approaching, she knocked firmly, standing aside and waiting. A moment later the general appeared and she saluted stiffly.

"Lawrence, where's captain Moores?"

"Dead, sir, along with half the unit," she reported.

The general nodded, his face falling slightly. He stood aside and ushered her inside, tucking his hands behind his back. Andy dropped the saute and stepped inside, still stiff and straight. She turned to face the general, not a single emotion breaking her expression.

The general schooled his face as well as he turned to face her. "Well then, Lawrence, consider yourself officially promoted."

Andy simply nodded stoically. "Thank you, sir." 

The general nodded and turned away. "Dismissed, Captain."

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