Ch. 30 Your brother is okay

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A few hours later. 

Azalea begins to wake up which causes Severus to call Madam Pomfrey who quickly walked out of her office to tend to her patient. Azalea slowly opens her eyes and blinks when she sees two figures looking down at her. Her vision becomes clear, and she blinks when she sees Severus and Madam Pomfrey looking at her with a worried expression. 

" Professor Snape," Azalea whispers. 

" Where am I?" Azalea asked as she slowly sits up. 

" You are at the medical wing, Ms. Potter," Severus looks at Azalea with a worried expression. 

Azalea blinks. 

Azalea's eyes widened when she remembers Harry who was clinging for his life while his broom was acting crazy. 

" Harry!" Azalea shouts as she thinks about her younger brother. 

" Your brother is okay, Ms. Potter," Madam Pomfrey reassures Azalea. " You, on the other hand, worry me," She looks at her with a worried expression. 

Azalea looks at Madam Pomfrey with a confused expression. 

" It's already your second time at the medical wing, and you are only a first year," Madam Pomfrey tells Azalea which causes her to blush. " I fear that you will attract danger wherever you ago," She sadly sighs. " Don't worry. I will have a bed ready for you just in case," She smiles at her. 

Severus looks at his student and Madam Pomfrey. 

" Madam Pomfrey is Azalea, okay to go?" Severus asked Madam Pomfrey. 

" Yes. Ms. Potter can leave, Severus" Madam Pomfrey tells Severus. " Oh! Ms. Potter, please make sure you are careful with your left hand. It seems as though your fingers were broken," She turns to look at Azalea. 

Azalea's eyes widened. 

Azalea looks down and sees a bandaged left hand. She stays quiet when she remembers Professor Quirrel step on her left hand before she fell and fainted. 

" I don't feel any pain," Azalea tells the two adults. 

" Well. Professor Snape provided me a pain relief potion. If you feel immense pain in the future, he will give you one," Madam Pomfrey tells Azalea. 

Severus nods his head. 

Azalea smiles at them. 

Severus carefully helps Azalea out of bed. He guides his student out of the medical wing as they head towards the Slytherin common room. 

Azalea walks next to Severus as she wears a thoughtful expression. She can't help but wonder why Professor Quirrell has a nasty face on the back of his head. 

Severus glanced at Azalea and noticed that his student was quiet. His eyes saddened feeling scared for the young girl's life. He knows that her life is going to be in constant danger due to being the Chosen One's sister. 

" Azalea," Severus calls out Azalea's name. 

" Yes, Professor Snape?" Azalea turns her head to the right to look at Azalea. 

" Would you like to tell me who stepped on your left hand?" Severus curiously asked. 

Azalea stays quiet. 

Azalea didn't know what to say to Severus. 

Azalea looks passed Severus because she is afraid to look at him in the eyes. 

" I don't remember who stepped on my hand. It must have been a scared student since they were witnessing Harry's life being in danger," Azalea lied to Severus. 

Severus could tell that Azalea is lying to him, but he decided not to pressure her. 

" Alright. If you feel any pain, head straight to my office," Severus tells Azalea. 

Azalea nods her head. 

Ten minutes later. 

Azalea and Severus arrived at the Slytherin common room. The portrait moved to the side and let them inside because Severus is the Head of House. Severus tells Azalea that he is going to be at his office which caused Azalea to nod her head. 

" Azalea!" Lots of voices shouted Azalea's name. 

Azalea looks away from Severus, and she smiles when she sees her friends immediately surround her. She turns her head and blinks when she doesn't see Severus. She figures that her professor went to his office. 

" Azalea. How are you feeling?" Hermione and Daphne asked their best friend and roommate. 

" I am feeling better," Azalea smiles at them. 

Draco immediately noticed Azalea's bandaged left hand. 

" Bloody Hell, you are not. You have a bandaged left hand!" Draco points to Azalea's bandaged left hand which causes her friends to stare at her with worried. 

Azalea glares at Draco a little while she wears an embarrassed expression. 

" I am honestly fine. Madam Pomfrey gave me a pain relief potion," Azalea tried to reassure her friends. 

" Merlin's Beard, Azalea. I swear you are a trouble chick magnet," Blaise stares at Azalea with an amused expression. 

Azalea rolls her eyes. 

" I am tired. I am going to sleep," Azalea tells her friends. 

" I'll walk you to our room," Daphne walks towards the girls' dorm with Azalea while Hermione lightly slaps the back of Blaise's head which causes Blaise to pout at his crush. 

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