A Little Bit of Love

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Here's another one! I hope you enjoy reading these, and know I'm always open for feedback and suggestions. *Characters belong to Rainbow Rowell* 


This takes place in Baz and Simon's room at Watford

(From the insider's point of view)

Simon found Baz laying in his bed. Unsure whether he was just resting or actually asleep, Simon made his way carefully the the bedside. Baz looked so beautiful and innocent just laying there. Simon touched his face and hair delicately as if it would ruin the moment. Then, he bent over and kissed Baz on the hand, then his cheek, below his ear, his neck, and even tried his eyelashes. When Simon was about to walk away, Baz smiled without opening his eyes, and asked "Snow?". Simon, surprised, noded, forgetting Baz couldn't see him, so then replied "yes". Baz, unexpectedly pulled Simon into him by his shirt and gave him a long, loving kiss. Simon wriggled out of his shirt, so he too, was topless. Then, he climbed onto Baz so he was sitting on him. Simon pretended to open Baz's eyelid with his two fingers. 

Baz just smiled and pulled Simon in again, but this time Simon kissed Baz's neck, and jaw and throat and chest, and all he could before being stopped, and Baz let him. His only reply was "mmmh", and a smile when Simon's curly hair tickled his body. When he was done, Simon stared at down at Baz, who was now fully awake, looking back at him. Simon was especially interested in Baz's chest. Simon's body seemed to be soft, as if his chest and muscles were carefully molded and smoothed. But Baz's chest was different. His looked like it was cut and chiseled into the beautiful Baz it was created to be. When his muscles flexed, or he took a deep breath, Simon could practically see his rib cage expand and contract, and his muscles and joints tighten, making him fall in love with Baz even more. 

"What?" Baz could tell Simon was thinking, and before he could say more, Simon's lips were tracing down Baz's chest, past his stomach, to the top of his jeans, and up again. Gosh, jeans! Simon thought. How cute Baz looked in jeans, how cute he looked in bed, when he he was confused, tired, when he ate, and walked and played football and played the violin. And to think, that all this Baz was Simon's. So Simon stopped. He laid his head onto Baz's chest and waited. Baz started gingerly twirling Simon's hair in his fingers as Simon listen to Baz's chest. He took slow, deep breaths, his heart beating with soft thumps, and Simon felt Baz's breath on his hair.

He look looked up at Baz who seemed to have closed his eyes again. Simon stared moving up again, pressing the his chin into Baz's neck with every kiss. Baz wrapped his hands around Simon's waist and at the base of his back, and Simon didn't stop. He slowly ran his fingers through Baz's hair, over and over again until the boy made a deep humming noise that came from his throat. Baz clutched Simon harder, so Simon held Baz longer, cradling his head and face in his arms, listening to Baz moan with every kiss on his neck, and bite on his lips. 

 "Siiimon" he moaned, but Simon didn't stop. "The door" and that's when he heard it. Simon slid off of Baz, grabbed a shirt off the ground and tried pulling up his pants and least a little bit. It was Penelope, who mentioned something about someone being hurt. Simon rubbed his eyes to help him clear his head. Then Penelope left and Simon returned to Baz, who was already sitting on the edge of the bed. When Simon sat down, Baz stood up. "It was Penny" Simon said. "Was she suspicious?" Baz asked. 

"Yeah" Simon smiled as he said it. Baz leaned over, his open mouth meeting Simon's and gave him one last long kiss, he gently bit Simon's lower lip making sure not to actually hurt him. (Anathema) Then, as he walked away, he peeled his shirt off of Simon and scooped Simon's top off the ground, throwing it to him. Simon just caught it, laid back, and took in all that happened with a lovestruck sigh.

(From the outsider's point of view) 

Penelope arrived at Simon and Baz's room and stopped. From inside there was the sound of crying. Not somebody crying tears, but more so sound of pain, or moaning. She knocked on the door, (for once) worried that someone needed help inside, but when the door opened, Simon stood there with tangled, messy hair, pants that were riding too low, and an inside-out shirt that looked like it belonged to Baz. "Hey" Simon said in a casual tone. "Hey, is um, somebody hurt?" Penelope tried peeking around the door, but couldn't see past Simon.

"No?" Simon sounded unsure because he made it sound like a question, but then caught himself. "Oh, it's, um, just Baz" he said, rubbing his eyes with one of his hands like he was tired. "Oh, okay then" Penelope replied. 

"Yeah, were fine. No need to worry." And with that Simon closed the door on Penny, leaving her to hear the sound of strained bed springs and hushed voices.


Thanks for reading! Expect a Thanksgiving story from me tomorrow. Have a beautiful life! ;)

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