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Mary's POV

My mind played tricks on me again the pills wore off . I was still in my room alone until I heard a knock at the main door . I decided to check who it was .

The closer I got the louder i heard a man cry . I finally got to the door . I opened it and gasped .

Ethan was on his knees in front of my door with bruises and blood covering his face and body .

"It wasn't me . I didn't kill him . I had nothing to do with his death ." He was in full on tears .

"I could never do that especially to you ."

"That's not in me to kill someone. That's the last thing I want to see you do is cry and mourn . In fact I have security with you at all times ." Blood oozed out of his cuts.

"You can ask Grayson he watches me all day . I have never wanted to bring you to tears on purpose." He was In major pain. My heart ached seeing him out there but I could tell he was lying. The bruises didn't look  real the cuts started running out of blood . As i noticed he quickly got up and put a rag around my face . He doused it in some toxic liquid cause I knocked out .

Narrator's POV

As he took her out the house Chris arrived. He bolted and swung at him from behind making him drop Mary .

Chris wasn't afraid to back to jail again especially for a woman he has loved from afar for many years . Ethan was stumbling back . He couldn't keep his balance. At once he gave up and fell back . Chris didn't practice fighting in the hood for nothing.  He was a man of many talents . He saw Ethan close his eyes meaning he was out like a light or so he thought. Ethan jumped back up . Chris kept his guard up . He had to get rid of the man that ruined his lovers life . He knew she was suffering. She would text him secretly whenever she was dating the sick bastard. He was always busy so he never had the time to come for her . Now he has all the time in the world . As he fought Ethan he saw Mary awake . She quickly jumped up after she saw what was happening. She quickly ran inside and grabbed her Glock  she pulled the took off the safety and got ready to shoot . Grayson jumped out the truck and took her down. She felt betrayed .

"Y'all ain't nothing but snakes ." She shouted. She finally took a hold of the gun and shot Grayson and Ethan dead . Their blood was all over her body . Chris dropped Ethan's body and ran he was afraid. He was afraid of her . He has never witnessed murderer right in front of his very own eyes .

"Fuck !" She shouted in anger and fear . Her hands Trembled . She has never killed anyone. Sadly it had to be one of her bestfriends . 

She called the police. She knew that she wasn't going to get in trouble i because it was self defense.  She was freaking out at She sight of two dead men on her drive way . 

She cried hugging her knees. She just took a mother's children . She just ruined many lives .

She held the gun up to her head . She just wanted to be in the sky  along with August. Her life was practically over . She was going to lose everything anyway. She had nothing left on this world . All her family was gone .  August was gone her child was gone . This life wasn't for her . She wanted all her sins to be repaid in hell , she already knew she wasn't going with the Angels after this . She didn't care . Her soul cried to be released , it wanted out . Six feet under ground didn't sound as bad as it used to .  She was finally going to get that eternal sleep that she asked for .  Her birthday is tomorrow she wanted to give herself a early birthday gift .  She wanted to ease her hurt forever. She was hesitant because Royalty flooded her mind . A beautiful little girl that she adored so much as if she was her daughter. She was keeping her from pulling that trigger . She knew if she pulled that trigger she'll cry endlessly. That pained her . She also promised August to care for his beloved nieces . She promised to be with them every step of the way. If she left who would be left to care for them. She heard someone speak . She looked up with tears all over her face . She saw Ethan holding his side .

"Don't do it . Princess don't do it . I love you ." He could barely speak . 

Right after she felt someone grab her leg . She turned to see a half conscious Grayson. 

"Please don't do it . We can't leave this world seeing you die right in front of us .

Shortly after they both got up alive and well while She cried on her knees . They had on bullet proof vests .  

She cried loudly hating herself for what she was about to do . She cried for failing August . She cried because of August's death . She cried for every single person she has lost . The sight made Ethan and Grayson feel tremendous sadness inside. 

The police arrived and they explained everything but twisted the story a little. The officer left and that was that . She was still crying her soul out . She felt alone . She felt alone in this cold cold world . She had nothing or nobody. Her lavish way of living did nothing but make her miserable.  She ran inside called her private jet to take her back to Jersey where she wanted to be forever in her very first home hidden deep In the hood of Jersey.  She took off leaving Ethan and Grayson confused. 

1 year later

She was living in her old home where she felt somewhat comfortable. She didn't let anyone know where she went . She sends money to August's nieces every week . She was living in pain . She knew she lost everything when she tried to face time Royalty, but it declined . That shattered her heart even more . She would walk around the streets at night trying to forget how alone she was .  All she had done for everyone was for nothing. She felt as if they took advantage of her love and care . She lost all sorts of love emotions she could feel . She felt unneeded unwanted.  

She laid next to her parents tombstones crying endlessly in silence . She would look down at her finger where her engagement ring was. At this point it was useless. He was gone . She took it off and placed it into the front pocket of her backpack.

The world seemed darker than ever before to her . It was so black and grey . Everything good seemed to be non existent in her world . Nothing ever put a smile on her face .  She had noticed that her once brown eyes turned almost black . Something that August loved so much about her was gone . Her beautiful chocolate colored eyes became an ash black color . She would wear dull colors in order for her not to attract attention.  Nobody seemed to care what happened to her or where she went . Not one message from Trey or Chris .

She heard the crunching of leaves behind her . She quickly wiped her tears away and put on her glasses . She turned around and couldn't believe her eyes at the sight she was faced with . It was August and Melvin standing side to side . 

"Did you miss me babygirl." August said with open arms .   

She began crying all over again.

"Why did you leave me !" She shouted.

"Why did you leave me all alone like this !" She was angry at him .

August walked closer to her . She cried more .

He took her into his arms . She was quickly eased.

"I did my job and that was to protect you and love you . I still love you . I miss you so much baybeh but it's not your time yet . I'm here to ease your hurt . I promised you I will take care of you until your dying day . Don't cry my princess. Seeing you like this hurts me . It pains me seeing you cry and hurt every day . I promised you my eternal love . I love you babygirl. Don't ever  forget that ." He said before disappearing into thin air .

Her heart ached, it ached tremendously. Seeing him only made her cry in silence longer .  She got off of the tombstones and drove back home  . She was still alone.

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