Chapter 21

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Shawn's pov

I see that Kayleigh left me a voice mail so I decide to listen to it. I mean it's not like she can see that I listened to it either so there's really no harm.

I sit up a little straighter when I hear that she's stranded at a gas station. Should I go get her? All of a sudden i hear a mans voice muffled in the background. "Please stop." I hear Kayleigh say sounding worried. "Stop." she says again before the message gets cut off.

"Brian!" I yell down the hallway to him. "We have to go right now." I sprint to find my shoes and keys.

"Whoa whoa whoa, where are we going?" Brian asks confused.

"Just get in the car." I speed down the streets until I get to fifth where I stop at the first gas station I see.

I get out and start yelling. "Kayleigh!" I run around looking for her but can't find her anywhere so I get back in the car. The same thing happens the next three stops.

I get out at the fourth and yell her name. No answer again. I see something lying on the concrete and run over to see what it is. I bend over and pick up what is Kayleigh's phone. "Shit." I start to panic. "Brian come help me look for her." I yell to Brian who gets out of the car and goes around the building.

I start to walk the opposite direction as Brian when I come see something shine at the corner. I run over and see Kayleigh lying on the ground completely unconscious. I feel her pulse and am relieved when I can feel a beat. "BRIAN." I scream.

I bend down and look at Kayleigh, unsure what to do. "You're going to be okay." I say to her, not very confidently.

Brian comes running over. "Oh shit. What do we do?"

"I think we have to take her to the hospital. She's breathing so should we just take her?" I ask overwhelmed.

"Maybe, I don't know!"

"Fuck it, that's what we're doing." I scoop her up and run over to the car. "Get in the back you have to watch her." I say to Brian who runs around to the other side. I go to lay her down across the seats when I feel a sharp kick in my stomach. "Ow what the fuck."

I realize Kayleigh is awake and she is the one who kicked me. "Get off get off." she yells.

She bolts out of the car and I run after her grabbing her wrist. She tries to wring away from me but I hold on tighter. "Kayleigh, stop it's me." I yell but she doesn't listen. "KAYLEIGH!" I scream at her to stop fighting. She opens her eyes and looks up at me continuing to try and get her arm away from me. She looks at me for another couple seconds before she realizes who I am.

"It's me, I'm not going to hurt you." I say quietly trying to calm her down. She turns away and throws up on the sidewalk.

She is sitting on her knees with both hands on the pavement so I reach out and hold her hair back out of her face. She jerks away from me and crawls away. "No." she cries and crawls away. She continues to throw up and fortunately stops after a couple minutes.

She stays sitting on the ground, looking stunned almost. I bend down across from her. "We should take you to the hospital, you were unconscious and I don't know how long you were out." I explain slowly to her.

What happened? Did that guy rape her? She doesn't answer me so I say again, "Kay, we need to go okay? I'm going to help you up. Okay?"

Again I don't get a response so I reach out and gently touch her arm. She doesn't react at all, just stays sitting with a terrified look in her eyes. I pick her up from behind as gently as I can. She starts to cry and fidget again and it hurts me to know I'm hurting her. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But we can't stay here. You could be hurt." I have tears in my eyes as I'm telling her this.

Brian opens the door and just as I was about to help her in she goes limp in my arms and in unconscious once again. I pick her up and lay her down in the car. Brian sits on the other side with her head on his lap. He looks at me, "Dude, what happened?"

"I don't know."

Kayleigh's pov

I wake up in an unfamiliar room. There are bright florescent lights above me which make me flinch when I open my eyes. I turn my head and see Tyler sitting beside me. I must be hallucinating. I close my eyes and open them again, and the image of Tyler is replaced with Shawn. I stay there not saying anything, confused about why I have an iv in my arm. Shawn looks up from his phone and sees that I'm awake. "Hey." he whispers and walks over to the side of the bed. I turn to the other side and see Brian sleeping in a chair.

I turn back to Shawn. "Where am I?"

"Toronto General Hospital." he responds.

"What happened?"

"We don't really know. You've been passed out for a while though. Brian and I found you at a gas station after you left me that message."

I blink and when my eyes are closed an image of a older man on top of me comes into my head. I bolt up and start to breathe heavily. He puts his hand out but doesn't touch me. "What's wrong? Do you know what happened?"

"Was I raped?" I ask him quietly.

He sits down on the bed. "We don't know."

I look at my wrists and see dark bruises. "My wrists say that I was raped. That's the first sign." I tell Shawn.

"Well some of those may be from me. You woke up for about a minute when I found you and started to freak out. I was holding your wrists and trying to calm you down, I didn't know what had happened."

I feel a stinging sensation on my face and I reach up to touch it and feel dried blood. "What happened?" I ask again, confused.

"The doctor should be back shortly and we've called the police. They're going to deal with everything, don't worry."

I nod my head, "I fucked up, didn't I?"

"No, you didn't do anything wrong you couldn't have known what would happen." He puts his hand on my leg and I don't really like the touch. 

I stare at his hand and hope he moves it. He notices and quickly removes it. "But I got with Andy, right?"

"Oh yes, you did," Shawn looks at me like he is sorry.

"Why do you look sorry, I'm the one who was drunk and making out with somebody else." I say groggily.

He starts to cry which surprises me. "But I never should've left you there. You were drunk and I was so stupid. I should've just gotten over myself." He wipes his eyes with his hand.

I take my hand and reach out to touch his and it starts to shake uncontrollably. I fight through it and grab his hand, still shaking and he looks at me. "This was not you're fault, it was mine and I'm sorry I hurt you. Please don't blame yourself." I say to him.

He nods and squeezes my hand. I take my hand away again as my heart starts to race again by the feeling of his touch. "I think I'm going to go to sleep."

"Okay, I'll be here when you wake up." He whispers and goes to kiss my forehead and just like that I'm fast asleep again.

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